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    Create a Tree and attach an InlineEditor to it.

    tree = new YAHOO.ext.tree.TreePanel('tree', {
    //loader: new...
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    When TreeNode's are created it looks like they are wrapped inside an achor with a href="#". How would I go about setting that href (along with the title/alt) for each node. I want to attach...
  3. Custom sorting functions would be great also, since sometimes I apply markup to my nodes (like bold/italic) and that messes with the alpha sort.
  4. Jack

    Will TreeLoader support custom JSON schemas and renderers like the JSONDataModel? I don't have the ability to hard code the text/id/leaf/cls attributes in my tree data response.

    Also, I...
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    Made a quick fix in the method YAHOO.ext.ToolbarMenu.prototype.initMenu above.

    Jack, I pm'd you a url you can view. As far as the YUI menu code, I'm using an earlier version of whouseit's menu...
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    This class will create a toolbar menu. If the 'useArrow' config property is set, then an arrow (or whatever image you specify in the css) will be appended next to the button. The 'arrowClick'...
  7. I need help to determine a tab's position in the TabPanel. Accessing it's id usually returns the dom id of the element and what I really need is a position integer. Something like...
  8. No I'm not. I have no doctype declaration about my <html> tag.
  9. I changed hideOnLayout to false and didn't fix the issue. Tried specifying it in the BorderLayout constructor config and as a separate statement.
  10. Animal

    Thanks for the info about the url. That makes total sense. I will just have to grab it from the dom.

    About the closable property...the reason I didn't check the source was because of...
  11. I need to know how to determine if a particular tab is closable and what it's url is.

    The methods TabPanelItem.isClosable() and TabPanelItem.getUrl() would be great, but since they don't exist is...
  12. Thanks, works now.
  13. whouseit

    I tried using your code and I got a couple javascript errors in menu.js...

    missing ; after for-loop condition
    menu.js (line 204)
    for (var i = 0; i <menu> viewWidth)

    missing ;...
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    Here is some classes for the toolbars also.

    .ytheme-gray .ytoolbar{
    border: 0px none;
    background: url(../images/layout/gray/panel-title-light-bg.gif);
    .ytheme-gray .ytoolbar...
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    This fixes the header background, but some adjustments still need to be made to get it to work with mouseovers.
  16. Create a nested layout with a collapsible region...

    westLayout = new YAHOO.ext.BorderLayout('main', {
    south: {
  17. Your RSS Feed Viewer 2 example can be used to reproduce this. Click on a feed item and click "View in New Tab". Select the tab and scroll down. Select the View Feed tab and then reselect the newly...
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    A grid using the vista theme doesn't use the proper background image for the header rows.

    Adding "background:none;" to the class ".ygrid-vista .ygrid-hd{" fixes this.
  19. Jack,

    This is very confusing. I was developing with an XMLDataModel and for some reason no rows are showing in the grid. I have another application using JSONDataModel and everything works fine....
  20. Jack

    The new gray theme isn't being applied on grids, toolbars, and scrollbars.

    Using 0.33-rc1

  21. Jack

    I understand you cant use the same element in multiple spots. I was hoping that something could be written in BorderLayout to handle moving the elements around. Since my intention is to use...
  22. bump

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    I've created three panels and hidden the second and third one, show only the first tab/panel shows. I am using your code to dynamically create a new tab. Once a new tab is created, 2 tabs...
  24. Is there a bodyscroll or scroll event for the new YAHOO.ext.View() class? I can't seem to find it.

  25. Jack

    I've updated to beta 3 and that has fixed my problem with being able to remove/readd layouts (in fact now I am just using the hide/unhide panel functionality).

    However, I still need help...
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