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  1. Hi all,

    I want to represent some data in grid in the form of graph or in colored rows.

    I have attached the attachment in which whenever I select some row in first grid I need to get...
  2. Hi All,

    Im using flex table, which contains 3 columns. whenever I add a new row to a table I need to retrive the last column value, which is integer and I need to increment that and then have to...
  3. Thanks very much Ravikanth ... :)
  4. Thanks for the suggestion :)... But I need some more clarifications, when I used SimpleCombobox, Im unable to use setStore() method, which is neccessary.

    Also help me how to use the method...
  5. Hi All,

    I have a combo with 3 values,
    3. No. of events

    Whenever I open the form or screen, I have to display(prepopulate) 'Duration' in the combo as default value, so...
  6. Hi All,

    I have to implement combo boxes in last column of the flex table in all the rows.

    All these combo boxes are using the same bean. i.e., the contents of all the combo boxes are same.
  7. Hi All,

    Im using a query for listing all users in a combo.
    The query is written in xml file, which is as follows.....

    Select userid from sa_user where status=1;

    Now my result set has...
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    Thanks , I got it... \:D/
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    Hi All,

    How to set combo box value, I have already used setData(), setDisplayField(),setEmptyText() and setValue() methods, but Im not able to set the combo box, when Im trying to print the value...
  10. Hi All,

    I posted many of my problems here ... but I get most of the solutions in javascript, where as Im using EXT-GWT, Can anybody help me how to include the javascript in my code, or how to...
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    I have a page which is in EXT-GWT, which contains some text fields, after selecting or entering data on that text fields, a 'next' button should be implemented which contains some other text fields....
  12. How to implement hyperlink buttons and its functionality in grid.
    Is there any method to implement the same.

  13. Thanks for reply, But I want to know how to implement this JavaScript in EXT-GWT, the function you suggested is in Javascript, how to import that in our EXT-GWT code. OR
    Is there any alternative...
  14. Thank you :)....
  15. Hi All,

    Im having a pop up window, which displays a text field and a button for browse, from which user selects a file from local system( how to implement this window) and that file should be...
  16. How to make binding from grid to radio button, Im making binding from grid, whenever I select a row in a grid corresponding data is populating in the form (my form contains date picker , text boxes,...
  17. Can you please send the code of your mousetracking problem.
  18. Hi Condor,

    Here is the code where I got the value of radio button.

    //In GUI File

    Radio radio1 = new Radio();
  19. Hi Friends,

    How to implement mousetracker in grid which has to show some more details of that row when cursor is moved over that perticular row.

    I have a method called
  20. Hi Friends,

    Actually in combo we can select only one value at a time, I need to select multiple values from combo or a list and how to insert the same into database.

    Or is there any...
  21. Hi All,

    I have a Grid, upon selection of a row in grid thats corresponding data should appear in 2 different text boxes and a radio button which has 2 options, peak and offpeak.

    Im getting...
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    Hi Friends,
    My problem is I have a screen(written in EXT-GWT) called Edit Profile in which user is allowed to edit their profile, provided they give there corresponding userid....
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