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    Understood. The other 'feature' is that I can't double click on a cell entry to get the editor for it's content. So I am really asking if any workarounds for these shortcomings of Safari Mobile...
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    I have the same issue. We are currently still on extjs 2.2.1. Everything seems to work well, but the scrollbars
    don't show up in the panels (grid and other).

    Any workaround for this ipad...
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    And the same is true for the grid column header dialog that allows you to enable/disable columns. When you have a lot of columns then the list is too long.
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    I have the same issue with the grid header selection menus for grids with lots of columns.

    Curious about any solution...
  5. The solution was to write a small id manager that keeps track of a global id, and ask it for a new id to provide so I can do store.add(record.copy(myRecordIdMgr.getNewId()));

    myRecordIdMgr = {...
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    I am confused why this would work, but I expect the reason for your troubles to stem from record.copy() not creating a new unique id, the id of both records is identical unless you specify a new one...
  7. That is easier said than done because initially the store assigns the id's.

    Is there a simple way to introduce a cross store id manager that keeps id's unique across stores so we can move them...
  8. Here is the fixed up version of your code, but it is still not working:

    // grid_a
    notifyDrop : function( ddSource, e, data ) {
    if (dropAllowed) {
    var nIndex...
  9. I responded to the comments inline with //CS:

    CS: Thanks for your efforts.
  10. I created a grid layout with three grids and allow to move records between the grids via drag and drop. The data is initially loaded into the three respective grids via JsonStore/php.

    The first...
  11. The fix is great, works for me. Too bad we still need that fix in ExtJS 3RC1
  12. But there you hardcode which target you are lighting up. I have several potential drop targets
    that it could be dropped on, all of which are grids and so I want to light up the rows affected in the...
  13. Thanks, will study.

    Note that if I drag multiple rows (N) then I want to highlight the row I am dropping onto as well as N-1 rows below since those are the ones I am going to substitute into as...
  14. I did have the question on how the notifyDrop function could determine what row of the target
    grid the data was dropped on, because I don't intend to just insert the data into the grid
  15. I am puzzled by this right now too.
  16. Add to your grid configuration:

    sm: new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel({singleSelect:true}),
  17. All you have to do is add this to your grid definition:

    sm: new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel({singleSelect:true}),

    It might also be a good idea to set clickToEdit: 2
  18. viewConfig: {
    onLoad: Ext.emptyFn,
    listeners: {
    beforerefresh: function(v) {
  19. How do you put it in to the viewconfig?

    I tried putting it into the GridPanel config, but that seems to be only called once when the gridpanel is first rendered, not on store.load() action, so the...
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    Working on the same issue right now. Anybody with a solution please speak up :-)
  21. Ok, it was entirely firebugs fault, extjs does NOT seem to have a memory leak but firebug while running my extjs application, does. I did test with deactivating firebug and it still seemed to leak,...
  22. Thanks.

    I just noticed that by uninstalling firebug, the problem seems to have gone away. I will have to leave it running over night to make sure, but so far it seems like firebug was the culprit...
  23. Find attached which contains

    This webapp demonstrates...
  24. ext-2.2/examples/grid-filtering/ is a good start, it has a php example that runs on the server and produces the json from the database - you would just have to replace the mysql_ calls with...
  25. Read the example I mentioned. It does use add.

    So currently this is what I do, and it seems to work. Now the last thing is how to remove the class tab-loading-indicator from the tab title in my...
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