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    +1Oh Oh! Hope sencha is not planning to join the dark side !!!!!!!I dont want to go back to jquery!!!!!
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    I looked through it, but could not find the download link
  3. Having issues with the install!

    The 64 bit windows installable is requiring a 32 bit java JRE.
  4. Thank you skirtle,

    I re-tried your code and it works too. (funny I could not get this to work yesterday...maybe I was too tired after trying 100 different ways to instantiate the store without...
  5. I had the similar problem, I solved it by instantiating it in the initComponent. All you need is to instantiate the store with the id.

  6. Evan, I believe your example has the answer....but I am struggling to see it.......
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  9. How do we do the same thing to set the stores dynamically?
  10. <html><head><script type="text/javascript">function convert(){ var newShinyPanel = new Ext.Panel({ applyTo:'new-div', ...
  11. Just use contentEl config


    <head><script type="text/javascript">function convert(){ var newShinyPanel = new Ext.Panel({ ...
  12. I had the same problem, the below change to Ext.decode fixed the problem for me.

    var data = Ext.decode(result.responseText);

    I know this is a very old thread post, but for somebody having a...
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