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  1. That was fast! thanks, appreciate it, sven.
  2. Apologies in advance but the closest post I've found related to this problem is

    and even with using setResizeFields(true), my...
  3. Hi,

    In IE7, When I do ListFIeld.forceInvalid(), the icon movement is visible in IE7 and FF

    public class Test implements EntryPoint

    DualListField<Stock> lists;
  4. Hi,
    I'm trying to refresh some form data using RequestBuilder, then moving the container holding the form panel to the center. However, the newly added form data disappears when I am using...
  5. Hi,

    I am currently embedding a GXT application into an existing request-based framework and I am using jQuery to hide and show the GXT application (hiding behind a div) upon start-up.
  6. Hi,

    Is it me or the SVN repository last update is r1619? I haven't seen any new changes since then.
  7. Hi,

    I have a button that opens up a dialog. In FF 3.5, the initial rendering is noticeable and not seamless. (In IE and Chrome, this doesn't occur). You can see the window expanding and centered...
  8. Hi,

    Here's the complete code:

    public class Test implements EntryPoint
    class BorderLayoutExample extends LayoutContainer
  9. Hi,

    The code I took is copied verbatim from the samples BorderLayoutExample.
    For completion, below is the self-executable code that demonstrates my problem (just copy and pasting from the...
  10. Hi, I'm taking the BorderLayoutExample code right out of the samples web application. When I run the code (without any modifications) in FF and IE, it looks entirely broken. The south region...
  11. i think i could get rid of this problem when i set floatable = false.
  12. Hi, Problem: When you collapse the west region, then click on the padding space around the expand button, a rectangular border appears visibly in IE7. In FF, the rectangular border sits behind the...
  13. Hi,

    Problem: In HtmlEditor component, the overflow items seem to be missing text. Is this the intended behaviour?

    Using RC2, occurs in IE, FF and Chrome.

    public class Test implements...
  14. Problem: The text of the button is out of position in IE7. Works in FF and Chrome.
    Using RC2, IE7. Test code below.

    public class Test implements EntryPoint
    public void onModuleLoad()...
  15. Hi,

    If you look at

    When you expand the tree and then sort Author or Genre, the new results sorted is out of alignment with their...
  16. please ignore. it turns out that I have mouse gestures installed on FF that is causing this problem.
  17. Also context menus appears disabled in advanced tab example.
  18. Hi,

    I noticed this in m3 but also in the new rc1 just now. Is it me or in FF3 (3.0.11), the context menu tree demo doesn't appear to work? Right-clicking doesn't bring up the context menus. ...
  19. Hi,

    Is it possible to set different icons for different leaf nodes based on some value on the model attributes?

    I was looking at the source code and perhaps an iconProvider could be provided...
  20. Replies
    Hi everyone,

    I am evaluating Ext for inclusion into our upcoming product and I want to know which framework between GXT and ExtJS is more complete in terms of performance, stability and features. ...
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