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  1. Thank you !
  2. Hi all,

    In ExtJs 3.3.0 (and 3.2), on line 7 of the following language files, there is a useless character (i think) which looks like a dot in the middle of the line. I report it because it causes...
  3. I find the solution.

    The problem is i tell in my datastore that dt is a date but i didn't tell which format (i thought by default it should be the standard ISO8601 but no)
    So if i write this, it...
  4. In fact it is because of the type date.
    In any browser, my value as a string is : 2009-12-18 14:17:16
    In Opera my value as a date is : 'Fri Dec 18 2009 14:17:16 GMT+0100'
    In IE and Firefox, my...
  5. Hi all.
    I'm new with ExtJs.

    In a grid, i use a renderer function to render a date.
    This function works perfectly in Opera but the parameter sent to this function is null in IE and firefox so my...
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