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    Have you tried this with 6 Chris? It's a year later, is it worth another try?
  2. Because that doesn't answer the question? ;)

    Yes yes good to have alternates. But also nice to just use what is given without having to ask for support.

    <?xml version="1.0"...
  3. Something like this might help.

    * Figure out a relative path prefix to use as a root path.
    * Make it available to the world as MYAPP.basepath
    var p =...
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    In particular I am struggling with a toolbar now.

    Do we have to throw away all the toolbar goodness now, because the items won't stack?

    Can't change vbox to/from hbox in a responsive config?
  5. The trick for mac is to install the JDK, not the JRE.

    It may be Cmd can use the JRE, and we could set a PATH.

    But because we are all enterprise now, we teams of IT people taking care of...
  6. What would be good to know is what other elements of the tool chain might disappear.

    I never heard of SASS before 4.x Now I have adopted it. Now it is literally out of fashion. Now I have to...
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    More details here

    Thank you Gary and tkg for clearing that up.

    Sorry I was confused and gun shy.

  8. "Licensing and pricing questions should be directed at our Sales team, whom you can reach by using our contact form"

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    Thanks Gary. There is no question.

    It was a cry of shock and surprise.

    I thought we were done with this.

    It would have been a kindness to be up front about it when the big ole thread was...
  10. Yes but.

    Many sencha employees have been helpful in the forums, but that's not making or breaking my development.

    Certainly my portal experience has left me gun-shy. I'm not "spending" my...
  11. There's an obvious exception going on here.

    It's reasonable to hope that another rat has found a decent life boat.
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    Got this in the mail today:

    "Buy Ext JS or Sencha Complete in June, and you’ll get access to exciting new features, including the merged framework, JetBrains IDE plugins, and enhanced theming...
  13. Anyone know how to get rid of it?
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    Seems like /sass/example/bootstrap.json requires

    Removing all references to tab.panel causes the build to take an extra long time to put it back.

    Then it goes back to obscurely...
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    The error can be found by running with --debug

    building scss file ../../../build/temp/production/test/sass/test-all.scss
    unknown definition for mixin named extjs-tab-panel-ui :...
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    When I create app-ass.css as "@import 'app-all_01.css';@import 'app-all_02.css'; life goes back to normal.

    Otherwise, app-all.css is a zero byte file.

    I started with the sample app, and changed...
  17. The charcoal package must "extend": "theme-neptune".

    Not "ext-theme-neptune".

    As documented in the release notes, perfect.

    Thank you very much for answering, Mitch.
  18. I did by chance.
    Thanks for noticing.

    app.json is a guessing game.

    When I do that I get

    Saving slicer widget manifest to...
  19. This no longer works. I wonder why.

    // Generate workspace
    sencha -sdk ../../../../sencha/6.0.0/ generate workspace ./beta6

    // Generate theme package
    sencha generate package -type theme...
  20. Yes. You did just admit to perjury ("I never had any issues with Cmd.")
  21. Hard to believe.
  22. I think you are talking about playing with basePath, indexHtmlPath, base and path in the output section (per build). Look in app.json

    "production": {
    "indexHtmlPath": "",

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    I just want to see the neutral theme. I know I won't be using...
  24. I'm sorry to see Don's answer, and I hope he will pay attention to Evant's comment:

    "This would certainly be useful to have documented as part of the theme, if it isn't already."

  25. +1 for releasing a clean build.

    It is possible that one of those warnings is intended for me. After some time, I will never see it.

    The longer you continue, the less I look, the higher the...
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