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    I'm told this is fixed in 2.2.5, but I haven't tested it for myself.
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    I was able to work around this by overriding QuickTip.onTargetOver() and, but it would be helpful if this could get fixed in GXT.
  3. I can confirm it works in Safari 5.1 on Windows 7, but not Safari 5.0.4 on Mac OS 10.6.
  4. In the GXT mail demo, if I use Firefox I can tab to the buttons on the login dialog. In Safari, the tab key never focuses the buttons.
  5. Herzlichen Dank für die rasche Antwort :)
  6. Thanks!

    Will this be in a future 2.x release, or 3.0 only?
  7. I'd be grateful for a workaround if somebody knows one.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. run the code below which shows a tree
    2. expand all tree nodes, including child nodes, so a vertical scroll bar...
  8. I have a CheckBoxSelectionModel column in a grid. When items are removed from the underlying ListStore, or a filter is set, the header checkbox does not get selected/unselected to reflect the change.
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