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  1. Hi all,

    I'm trying to use chart but I've this probem when I try to do

    final Chart chart = new Chart("ExtGWT/chart/open-flash-chart.swf");

    I've this error message :s:
    Caused by:...
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    Hi guys,

    I've got an activeX component in my GXT app with some forms. When I fire a Window

    Window window = new Window();;

    it remains under the activeX component, so I...
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    Hi guys!

    I've a GXT app inserted in a html frame. Clicking a button of my GXT app, I create a Window with a grid: I would like to have the focus automatically setted on the grid, so that clicking...
  4. It's ok....thaks a lot for your availability, you've been very kind !!!
  5. If I use it I gave @Jsni cannot be resolved to a type
  6. Yes I've already done so, but I was curious how dispatching events
  7. please forgive me !!!! I've tried the code you gave to me:

    getInputEl(myTextField).setStyleAttribute("backgroungImage", "none");
  8. Hi takayser!

    Sorry but I'm new to GWT-EXT...I'm not be able to make TextField visible. I' ve added into my code:

    private native TextField<String> getInputEl(TextField<String> field)...
  9. I've this error message:
    The method getInputEl() from the type TextField<String> is not visible
  10. Thank you very much takayser
  11. Could you please suggest to me how removing this background image?
    I've tried:

    myTextField.setStyleAttribute("backgroungImage", "");

    ...but with no success
  12. Could you please give me a clue about getting the InputEl via getInputEl by using jsni ?

    Thanks a lot
  13. I've tried but always with the same result...only the TextField borders change color, not the background

    I've also tried

  14. Hi guys!!!

    I'm trying to set the background color of a TextField (GXT) component but I only see changing the color of its borders, the background remains white :-?

    I made the same for a Text...
  15. Hi everyone!!!

    I'm trying to fire a button click event, but I'm afraid to do something bad, because my listener never catches the event (I never see the alert :().

    This is what I wrote:

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