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  1. Hi Scott
    In my application there is a toggle button .if user is in grid view.We are hiding the chart view .If the chart is in hide state .We are updating the chart series at the time chart label and...
  2. Hi
    I am getting the problem in my application chart axis scale and label get distorted for some times.Can anybody tell how to avoid this.I am using extjs4.1 version

  3. Hi
    I have implemented carousel in extj4.1 using following link .While using the below code my application screen get freeze.Can...
  4. Hi
    In my application have implemented bar chart. In the chart store value is coming integer and float If the store value is coming then Y axis scale label all should be integer and .If store...
  5. Hi
    Can anybody tell is it possible to build extjs4.1 application without extjs library using sencha command.If yes can anybody tell how to do.If no can anybody tell any other tool to make single...
  6. Hi,
    I already asked this question in this forum .

    In my application am...
  7. Hi
    I have three page .I have the combo box in my application .I have three option in combo box .depend upon the selection need to show the page below of combo.ViewPort is entry page for all...
  8. Hi
    I have implemented carousel in my application .The carousel contain 4 button.For each button am adding chart view .If user swipe or drag the page it will go to next page.The chart view has...
  9. Hi
    Can anybody tell How to hide or show bar for chart depend upon user selection of check box in extjs4.1.In my application we have implemented grouped bar .We have three check box .If user select...
  10. Hi
    Can anybody tell How to customize the legend in barchart in extjs4.1 .I have the requirement to show check box in legend and show the legend position bottom start from left side.legend is showing...
  11. HI
    Can anybody tell How to set the height for component support for all resolution in extjs4.1

  12. Hi
    Can anybody tell How to support Chinese font for label in extjs4.1 .I want to support multiplelanguage in my application

  13. Hi
    Can anybody tell How to show line for zero value in barchart in extjs4.1.If value is greater than zero need to display bar.If it is zero need to show line or marker

  14. Hi
    Can anybody tell How to give shade background for bar chart in extjs4.1.I want odd shade for background for barchart like example eg for 1,3,5,7 etc data set need to show shade background for...
  15. Hi,
    I have the json response with totalCount Values.I am getting the totalCount value in load function.I am creating store in controller.before loading store If(totalCount>0). It is executing...
  16. Hi ,
    Can anybody tell How to dynamically bring horizontal scroll bar for chart in extjs4.1.I have requirment My chart width is always 100% for 10 record.The chart record will change dynamically...
  17. Hi slemmon,
    Thanks for reply .I have a requirement.I need to show chart with 100% width upto 10 record.If it is more than 10 need to show scroll horizontal

  18. Hi,
    Can anybody tell How to show menu or popup above barchart of on item click of each bar in extjs4.1

  19. Hi
    Can anybody tell How to show horizontal scroll bar for chart in extjs4.1.If data is more how to show horizontal scroll bar
  20. Hi
    Can anybody tell How to align combo box horizontal in extjs4.1 .When I had given hbox only one column is appearing

    I want to align combo like this


    combo1 combo3 combo5

  21. Hi
    Can anybody tell How to show legend value with different store for pie chart in extjs4.1.I am getting chart value from one store and legend value from one store

  22. Hi
    How to avoid duplicate value for yaxis in extjs4.1 bar chart.My values are coming for chart is 0 and 1 at the time yaxis is coming duplicate value .can anybody tell how to avoid this
    i.e 1 0 1 0...
  23. Hi
    I have a local store in controller in my project.I am trying to reuse the store by store id and update the root of the store but it is not working .Can anybody help in this problem
  24. Hi slemmon
    Yes Correct ,I want to update summaryType function.At the time of page loading calculate totAL USING summaryType :sum ;While user selecting combo drop down need to update value from...
  25. I have calculated Total Row using SummaryType:sum in Grid View Row at time of Page Loading.If user select combo need to need to display Total Row value from store .My grid Values are coming from...
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