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  1. I'm not sure if this helps, but here's my crude understanding:

    I've been using RpcMap in place of Map, because when I do RpcMap<String,Object>, the object gets through rpc without worrying about...
  2. This was fixed with Beta2.
  3. I have a search panel with an accordion layout. Two panels would be accordions inside this search panel. One would be for building a search query with fields, and one would be for displaying the...
  4. good call... i assumed that was for some other use i hadn't encountered, instead of generic use
  5. I've noticed my forms quit working when I updated to beta 2...

    In field.class:

    * Returns the name attribute of the field if available.
    * @return the field name
  6. I tried to implement a simple listener for when a tabitem closes:

    (not a copy/paste, just from memory):

    tabPanel.addListener(Events.Close, new Listener<TabPanelEvent>() {
  7. Trying to implement a combobox that populates itself from my database service. I finally got it to render with no errors, but it does not show any items. I've tried various things like...
  8. In the setup.txt file, it states to add:

    <inherits name='com.extjs.gxt.GXT'/>
    in your module xml.

    I ended up getting the above error, then browsing the .jar and using instead:

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