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    OK, I'm discovering "promote to class" in ExtDesigner...
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    I tried the way below, but have the following error: gGrid._gridFilters is not a function

    Ext.define('applicationMgmnt.view.MyViewport', {
    extend: 'applicationMgmnt.view.ui.MyViewport',
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    Thanks for your answer jota2011, but ExtDesigner doesn't create a specific js file for the grid that is inside the viewport (the grid is an item of the viewport!)

    I have the following folder...
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    I didn't achieve to do this :-(

    I have no error, but the filter is not displaying in the column !? My Grid is inside a viewport: Does the grid inherit of the arguments?

    Here's my...
  5. Is there a release date for Designer 2
    ... and a features list ?

  6. Hi,

    Using a JSON store, the Ajax Proxy seems to be configured with HTTP GET by default. How to configure it with HTTP POST in Ext Designer?

    I'm using ExtJS4 and Ext Designer 1.2.2

    Thanks for...
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    I'm looking for a solution or procedure to implement filtering functionnalities on a grid. I'm using ExtJS4 and Ext Designer 1.2.2 Build: 48.

    I'm very surprised that such a basic...
  8. Hi,

    I have a grid in a viewport.
    The viewport is rendered into body

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    I'm also waiting for this but in the meantime, I forced the IE "compatibility view" feature by adding this on my pages:

    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />
    Hoping it...
  10. Hi!

    I'd like to set a maximum height (or better a bottom-margin) of the context menus (header's menus) in a grid.

    I tried to set a new css rule like .x-menu{max-height:500px} but it doesn't...
  11. Hi,

    I'm having trouble with the display of a menu.

    Everything works great on every browser, except... IE9 (it's fine on IE8) See file attached.
    The menu width is too small and the menu icons...
  12. I've found a solution that is not very elegant, but it works:

    I defined the options with the html code...

    '<span style="background-image:url(small.png);...
  13. Hi there!

    I'd like to render the filter option list.
    Instead of having just the text ('small','medium','large',...), I'd like to have an icon first:

    Wanted code for rendered list:
  14. Hi there!

    I'd like to render the filter option list.
    Instead of having just the text ('small','medium','large',...), I'd like to have an icon first:

    Wanted code for rendered list:
  15. Thanks dj for your answer and advices that seems to put me on the right way :)

    Let's say now that I'm in a smart and clean mood... :-?

    I tried this:

    grid.on('rowclick', function (grid,...
  16. Ok,

    When I manually select a row on the grid (through the checkbox or by selecting the row), I want to display some content relating to this row in a details panel. This case works fine.

    When I...
  17. For one of your problems:

    When applying a filter redirect to page 1 to ensure to display something:

  18. Thanks dj,

    Your solution solved a part of my problem...

    In fact, that solved the problem when using the selectAll checkbox, but the problem remain on sorting, filtering or grouping the grid.
  19. Hi !

    I have an event listener to display datas in a panel on rowselect:

    grid.getSelectionModel().on('rowselect', function (sm, rowIdx, r) {
  20. That was the trick: {originalSelectAll: true} for the RowSelectionPaging
    and remoteSort: false !

    var selectionPaging = new Ext.ux.grid.RowSelectionPaging({originalSelectAll: true});
  21. May be I've been following a wrong way...

    Should I simply uncheck the "hidden" rows (the filtered ones...)? But how to do this? An example would be welcome
  22. Would it be possible to pass the filters to the CheckboxSelectionModel ?

    Something like Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel(filters_params_here)

    Didn't find a working solution for the moment....
  23. Hi,

    I use JSON data store
    I have an EditorGridPanel working fine with filters.
    I use CheckboxSelectionModel for selecting all records.
    I use an event: when i select a row, I fire content to a...
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    And the answer is:

    combo.on('select', function(combo, record) {
    bbar.pageSize = parseInt(record.get('id'), 10);
    }, this);

    I like writing to myselft,...
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    ... but I still have one problem.

    When I change the number of records in my ComboBox, I'd like to always got to page 1.
    Because for instance:

    Let's say that I have a total number of 27...
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