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    I used to develop desktop applications with ExtJS and mobile applications with Sencha Touch. Till one of my customers did not like the 'look-and-feel' of ExtJS. I decided to look for other frameworks...
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    Me too. After delete the last record in a store. The list shows 1 item with some record. This happens only in android package. In Chrome alls is working fine.

    If tried a lot of options without...
  3. If I run my Sencha touch apps in Safari loods very good. But if I run the same app from a icon on homescreen there is a problem. If a form needs the keyboard to pop-up, lower parts of the form covers...
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    Sorry. I don't know. I never removed a thread.
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    Hi. External js files can be loaded by the micro loader. The micro loader looks in app.json what files to load. See the comments in app.json for the options you have.
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    Hi, I once had to adapt all my apps to use cmd.
    Here is how I did it:

    Rename my app myApp into myApp-old
    Run in terminal: sencha generate app myApp ../myApp

    Then I copied the app dir content...
  7. Hi I see you use different pathnames. IMO your path to Phonegap starts with :/User and your path to the project starts with :/Users.

    /User must be a personal path.
    /Users is the default iMac path...
  8. Hi Brice. Just to be clear. The different filestructure is not between Phonegap 2.2 and Phonegap 2.3.
    The different is between Phonegap 2.3 and Cordova 2.3
  9. Hi Brice.

    The builder works fine now. Even on phonegap 2.4rc1.
    My pitfall however was I downloaded and installed From the Cordova website Cordova 2.3.0.

    That downloads has an other...
  10. Ah Brice.

    That make sense. Now there is another problem. In the meantime I switched to cordova-2.2.0. Now it seems it works.
    I dived in the changes cordova made in cordova-2.3.0;

    I know...
  11. Hi Brice,

    Would be nice to have such a nice tool

    I watched your video and wanted to use Cordova Builder.
    I downloaded unzipped and install your script on my iMac.
    If I build my app this is...
  12. After creating some models and add them to a store I have a lot of problems. If I select an item in the list a total different item gets selected or even a couple of random items get selected. I...
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    I had problem with Ext 4.2.0beta
    I moved back to Ext 4.2.0. Problem gone.
  14. That is up to you. I have additional folders like styles, ux, libs in my apps.
    So I guess you create an ux folder and put all the stuff from the zip into this folder.
    Then put entries for all used...
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    I migrated the cmd tool from Cmd 250 to Cmd 258.
    I did run: sencha app upgrade ../extjs-4.2.0

    The app still work perfect.

    Then started: sencha app build. The build ended with success with no...
  16. To build an app you use Terminal ( iMac) or Cmd (Windows) you need to go to the rootmap where your app is. Then run: sencha app build. That's it.
    Of you are on a Windows machine you can create a...
  17. I put some object in app.json. The app will do the rest.
    Also these files are included any build you make.
    app.json is good commented.

    "js": [
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    I use moments.js for all my cli├źntsysteem dateparsing and formatting. Look at:
  19. Most common problem her is improper return from server from your insert SQL.
    If sync is saving new records to the server the server must return the inserted record with the new inserted primary Id...
  20. I had an app not created by CMD. So I recognise the problem build the app. I generated an with the same name and copied all js, css, html, custom pics etc into the new empty app. After that I had no...
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    I don't know why but after regenerate the app with CMD tool the problem is gone.
    Just another question about CMD app build for a extjs4 app. I saw only a build all-classes.js after build. Is this...
  22. Just to investigate your problem please post the app.js code.
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    After a build with no errors at all my app reports 'The app has upgraded with success, something like that. After tap Ok the app wont start. In my console log I see this message:

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    I use moments.js for all my dateformatting.
    Look at:
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    hi I tried to build my app with Cmd 3.0.0.

    Now I see this message over and over again:

    [shellscript] identical app.css
    [INF] Compressed 0 of 1 (1 up to date)
    [INF] [copy] Copying 1...
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