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  1. Any updates from the EXT team on thsi topic. We are also interested on this topic. This is vital for Enterprise customers.

    Bumping again!

  2. I managed to solve this with the following work around.

    Set your displayField and valueField to always be the same, so even if the displayField is returned you will have the correct value.

  3. I'm also facing this issue still using 4.1.3.

    Has the bu been solved or a workaround found by anyone?

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    Did you ever resolve this? I am having a very similar issue and I've spent ages trying to figure it out so if you did find a solution can you please paste it.

  5. Ok so I'm new to EXT since just 4 days but already think it's great but some adaptations/interpretations are not well documented. Specifically I refer to the way the checkbox works. Ideally the...
  6. I have been using the above code to create a multi select combobox and I'm almost there but I have one problem and have searched everywhere but found nothing.

    In the below code snippet I want to...
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