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    Add theam all disabled and enablee them as you need, maybe ;)
  2. on settting the filters keep track of names:
    onFilterUpdateRender: function(grid,filters) { var jsonFilters = grid.getFilterData(); if(!filters || !filters.length) { ...
  3. :) don't be lasy :))that filter management is fairly easy ;)
  4. store.on('filterschange',
    function(store, filters) {
    if(!filters || !filters.length) {
    store.proxy.extraParams = {};

    or something :)
  5. Hey Alex,

    I am not actually concerned about IE as I am using Chrome most of the time.
    Also the reload thing is not really needed as leaking can be noticed in a single page application as well....
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    Remove the callParent. You are not overriding that method ;)
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    Sure. One thread is fine if anyone is participating :)Thank you.
  8. Alex, thanks for your thoughts.

    It's not an obsession. I am rather bothered of how browsers tend to loose performance on pages with js applications used longer then for a few clicks.

    I hope...
  9. Following your instruction on Identifying Memory Leaks, can anybody from sencha explain if the following code is actually introducing a leak or not?

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    I duplicate this post on Ext 4 area, it looks like community is more active there. Maybe someone can remove it from here. Thanks.
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    I saw a note in the Ext 5.0.0 core concepts, section Keeping References in Closures related to how to avoid memory leaks, and the leaking example was:

    function runAsync(val) {
    var o = new...
  12. My pleasure @mx_starter :) I 'm glad it worked for you ;)
  13. The window has the same id problem.
    But your issue is related to the way you are trying to extend the chart.
    Properties declared outside of a config are actually static properties. For the...
  14. First of all, a define should never have an id specified :) It is a class not an instance. With an id specified in there all of your instances have the same id.
  15. Chart, series and axis are different instances. Mybae the chart gets destroyed but series not.You should post the way you are coding this.
  16. Maybe you should use the window onbeforeunload event so you can handle things related to that before the Ajax call gets aborted and eventually adjust the way the AJAX handlers react in that case ;)
  17. Charts have some issues. Many :)

    The dynamic aspect is not really well handled.

    How so ever in your case is probably from how you initiate / destroy the chart. If series seams to get added you...
  18. checkView: function (view) {
    var me = this,
    handles= me.handles,
    ref, selector, control;

    for (ref in handles) {
    selector = handles[ref][0]; //a selector, like...
  19. Ext,decode will not transform that into actual methods references.
  20. Hmm... surprisingly you are right. I was adding all that uglyness because in some context applyers were not called.... how so ever I checked now again and things are happening actually....I have to...
  21. I figured out that the initCOnfig is not called.
    How so ever there is a problem in offering the correct config.

    At the construction time you have a this.config that is classify, as in it being a...
  22. Well... this is a BIG minus for Ext.
  23. A simple test case:
  24. :)
  25. He he :D
    Thanks =NR=, you 're cool ;)

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