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  1. This is still open, at least for sv_SE in
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    I have tried running the x-sencha-command via maven with some success, thanks to your thread.
    The problem is that it seems like I have to customize the command itself (compile...
  3. I had NO idea that this was the problem, but after several long and hard hours of tracing and debugging I came across a probable cause. When googling it I found this thread!

    The Loader can't seem...
  4. Yeah, I've also been wondering about that!
    It probably shouldn't matter, but the OCD part of me thinks it's disturbing, and the gut feeling says it's just wrong.
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    I also hit this bug. Any news on this?
  6. Thanks for the info!
    I agree that this is not a Sencha bug, rather an agressive popup-blocking filter by the AdBlocker. Nevertheless good to know!
  7. My workaround was to override applyProxy in my Model as follows

    applyProxy: function(proxy, currentProxy) {
    return Ext.factory(proxy,, null, 'proxy');
  8. Very helpful info, thanks!
  9. Do I have to change the [NOREPRO]-tag to get another look at this, and in that case: how do I change it?

  10. Thanks for your answer, and sorry for the very brief "test case" I provided..

    However, in my case the current model has no proxy on the first run and that's what causing the...
  11. Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 24
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  12. I've just stumbled upon this bug too.
    The code causing it is something like this

    store = Ext.getStore(theStoreType);
    model = Ext.ModelManager.getModel("MyModel");...
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    Regarding the fix on this regression.. I see how this fails when this.type.convert is undefined, but in this case we shouldn't even hit that code! Since this bug occurs when extending another...
  14. Is this considered a bug? Is it fixed in the upcoming release of ExtJS 4.1?
  15. I agree with Saintshroomie, BuzzWords, KimSchneider, Vital Aaron and PureWhiteAsian.
    The 4.1 release has been talked about for a long time now (at least aug. 2011), so we're also highly interested...
  16. Hmm, any idea as to why that is failing?
  17. Hi!
    I'm having trouble running the sencha tools on my project.

    The first issue is the following:

    undefined:0 ReferenceError: Can't find variable: RemoteNs
    This is due to using...
  18. +1

    And it would be nice to have a link to the latest working release of the SDK tools for Linux somewhere!
  19. The obvious workaround is to set the quicktip text to something like "<b>My long and possibly dynamic title</b><br>The short text." but I consider the current behaviour a bug, so I'm reporting is as...
  20. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 17
    Firefox 10
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  21. I recently stumbled upon this bug and might have found a workaround. I noticed that the getStyle-call fails when animating somehow, so I tried adding this to the east/west panels of the borderLayout:...
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    I have a related question. (using ExtJS 4.0.7)
    When implementing an ActionColumn in an MVC application, how do I listen for the individual items in the column?

    I have a column with two items in...
  23. +1 for Explorer 9 here. Works on Chrome and Firefox, but not on IE9.
  24. Is this really fixed? I'm using Ext 4.0.7.
    When initializing a slider using the following code I get an error in Internet Explorer 9, although it works fine in Chrome and Firefox.

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    I don't think that's possible using refs since they only act on the first matching component.
    Depending on where you catch the events from your different user-views, you can do a...
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