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    I feel that support subscription is not worth anymore. I see no difference between premium member vs regular customer except access for premium forum. Sencha, please do something about this. ...
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    Sencha, please do something about this. Don't let us, a support subscriber down. It's very frustrating. No point of getting support subscription when I need to wait 4.1 release for bug fixes.
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    At least get the SVN for Ext 4 branch working just like before. As a support subscriber, I want a frequent update for bug fixes. Please do something or just let us access via Git if the git-svn...
  4. latest changes in svn produce error when CheckItem doesn't have any group. Firebug say:

    Example Toolbar with Menus demonsrate this error. See checkbox 'I like Ext' in first menu.
  5. I just fresh checkout Ext 3.0 trunk and build it with JSBuilder2. However the issue still exist

    Ext 3.0 rev 5602
    Ext Core rev 102

  6. After updating back and forth svn revision, seems like changes in Ext Core rev 89 break Ext Direct.

    For now I reverted to Ext Core rev 88.. Hopefully dev team can look into this problem..
  7. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0 rev 5580

    Adapter used:

  8. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0 rev 5535

    Adapter used:

  9. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.x rev 5193

    Adapter used:

  10. I modifed the stock example to use DirectProxy implementation




    function change(val){
  11. updating from r5110 to r5174 introduce this error:


    seems like changes in DirectProxy r5113 causing this error.

    sample store config:
  12. When opening the layout browser example, the content doesn't rendered properly and IE (both IE7 & IE8) fire this error:


  13. @kumarshah

    Just out of curiosity, why don't u just use CFQueryReader where u can return the query result right away without populating the struct. i think it much more cleaner.. another option is...
  14. @ImShogun

    the first case utilizing Ext Direct. For ColdFusion, u might want to check DirectCFM. u can examine how it handle the JSON request in Direct.cfc file.

    For second case, u can handle...
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    yes, i'm using the latest CFQueryReader 1.1.. it work well with Ext 3.0 from the download section but fail with head rev from svn..

    if I update to rev 4713, it work fine..
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    it seems CFQueryReader doesn't work with latest revision of Ext 3.0.. changes in rev 4714 broke it.. maybe there is a problem with the extractor
  17. Hi Doug,

    I try use miframe (mif1.2.5) with the latest ext3.0(svn4379).

    however, the miframe broke the tree and accordion layout.

    u can try it by include miframe in layout-browser example....
  18. Hi Steve, just fyi, I successfully setup DirectCFM with your CFQueryReader 1.1 without any issues.. here my config:

    store: new{
    autoLoad: true,
    storeId: 'Standard',...
  19. @christocracy,

    the config above doesn't work. seems like all the 4 api must be specified.

    this config will work:

    api: {
  20. great.. thanks..
  21. today when I update to svn head, the code below throw an error:

    store: new{
    autoLoad: true,

    proxy: new{
  22. Just share some thought..

    security context should be managed at server side code.. in my application, I manage the security in Application.cfm; any access to cfm or cfc must passed the...
  23. I think DirectCFM is purposely for Ext.Direct stuff..

    To make a simple ajax request to cfc, you can do like this:

    url: 'data.cfc',
    method: 'post',
    params: {
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