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    I see. You must add <allow-navigation ... >, allow intent is for controls which URLs the app is allowed to ask the system to open. See docs:
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    Which OS you are trying? Which version of Cordova? Not the cli version, but the specific cordova version for the os
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    Hi, you have to whitelist the domain(s) you are accessing from the app in config.xml.
  4. There is new preference to add to the config.xml:
  5. Hi, is this fixed? Bug is still present in 2.4.2, any override?
    Tested on Lumia 640, Windows Phone 8.1 update 2 (8.10.15148.160), IE and Cordova Windows 4.2.0
    Edit 1: there a lot of problems, the...
  6. To test this, just open kitchen sink with Chrome for iOS.
  7. This occur also on iOS 9 with cordova (uiwebview) and sencha touch 2.4.2, with safari iOS 9 it's ok, with Chrome for iOS is the same of Cordova, the scrollbar are messed up, because Chrome for iOS...
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    Hi, where i can download GPL version of Sencha Touch 2.4.2?
    I can download only commercial version.
  9. Hi, you have to whitelist the domain you are accessing with cordova:
    And if you are targetting local machine...
  10. In app.js,, launch event
  11. You need phonegap in order to use the above plugin, you need to package with phonegap. I dont use architect, you have to setup this kind of things in app.js. I use xCode and Eclipse to package my...
  12. Hi, if you use Sencha Touch + Phomegap there is a plugin (Android and iOS).
    I 've used it in 2 of my app, the tracking is on Google Analitycs Mobile, you can see real time tracking and what kind of...
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    Thanks a lot for the response Abe.
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    Hi, i see the 2 new themes in Sencha Touch 2.3 beta 2,while the Android theme is now much closer to the Android UI, i can't tell the same for the Apple theme. The question is, will Sencha Touch 2.3...
  15. ????, you have the online / offline events in Phonegap too:
  16. Have you whitelisted and You have also to upload your certificate to the PushWoosh account
  17. Where it's not important, you check if phonegap is ready with:

    document.addEventListener('deviceready', this.deviceready, false);
    Then in your deviceready function you initialize PushWoosh (Step...
  18. Hi,you can't use sencha CMD with phonegap, the phonegap wrapper is different from sencha wrapper, you have to use the phongap lib.The above link is a step by step installation guide. You also need to...
  19. Sorry, but this is not the case, you should use mask loading for this not an alert and the dataview have config to do this.
  20. Why you want this? Ext.Msg should be used to interact with the user, instead just use a popup panel with a timeout function to hide it.
  21. Hi, it's not related to Sencha, it's related to Android OS:
  22. Hi as always the release note are in the file called release-notes.html in the root of the installation.
  23. You can without Phonegap, but you have to implement the server side part of the process that requires that your hosting or server manage ssl certificate.
    If you wnat to skip the server side part and...
  24. Hi,the Ext.device.Push is the client part of push notification process, i suggest to read this on order to understand the whole process:...
  25. Hi, for those having the same problem, if you use Phonegap you can listen for 2 events:
    "pause" thats mean the app is in the background
    "resume" the app is active again...
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