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  1. Hello, i followed the steps and everything was going smooth but the last step that is:

    ant debug && adb install -r ./bin/Expo2013.apk

    gave me this error:

  2. Encountered this error while packaging the app

    [ERR] The following error occurred while executing this line:
    F:\Expo2013SameStore\.sencha\app\build-impl.xml:231: Problem: failed to create t...
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    Hello everyone,

    For past couple of days i was searching for a solution to pop to the root view using sencha touch 2 and there was no help on the forum according to me. I found the solution for...
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    Hello every one,

    I am developing an application using sencha touch 2 and have came across a very big problem. In my application i have different views in which one of them is main.js that is the...
  5. It is really sad that no one helped, however i've found the solution will post it soon. Thanks for nothing
  6. A big hello to the Sencha team out there. You guys are doing a great job! ;)

    I've successfully developed an application using sencha touch 2 without any problem, but unfortunately i am stuck at...
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