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  1. Hi all,

    I am trying to build and run ST2 application on iOS simulator, but no luck so far. I am using Sencha Command v2.0.2.

    On Windows 7, I can build an application ( folder)....
  2. CarlosMS, thank you for your help. So it was my fault after all - when using package build, it seems to work correctly. Thanks once again, I probably would not notice it myself.
  3. Ok, good to know there is someone with working ST2 + Cordova Android application. I do not see anything special in the instructions, except of using package build instead of production. I will try...
  4. Hello Sencha team,

    I am trying to use Cordova (PhoneGap) with ST 2, but the deployed application shows only the loading indicator with no error messages. The application works in the desktop...
  5. Hello Sencha team,

    my directory with the Sencha Touch application is under the TFS source control (Windows 7, 64-bit). That means all files that are not checked out are marked as read-only. When...
  6. Can someone please confirm whether this is a bug or not?
  7. Hmmm, this fix does not work in IE, where Ext.DomQuery.jsSelect is used.
  8. I noticed that selectors can be undefined, so the second code block should look like this:

    var isInDocument = this.isInDocument(el.dom);
    if (!isInDocument && !selectors)
  9. Hello,

    I switched from 4.0.2a to 4.0.7 and noticed that component rendering into detached elements stopped working. The error message was 'el is null' and was caused by uninitialized btnEl...
  10. When using ext-core.js to dynamically load dependent classes, the RowExpander plugin failed to load the features RowBody and RowWrap as they were not required.

    This dependency should be defined in...
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    I have a component, that accepts MS-formatted date that usually comes from the server, but I also need to pass the data to it on the client side. When I use format function using the 'MS' format, the...
  12. This was fixed in 4.0.2, thanks.
  13. When I call setLoading on a component that was not rendered yet (e.g. new panel in tabpanel), the loading mask is not shown. Also after the component was rendered, the loading mask is not centered.
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    I am not sure what is the right way to post updated locale files, so I posted updated SK locale file here:
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    Revision of the SK locale file against the Ext-JS 4 English file:

  16. The window with constrainHeader set to true and animateTarget set to any element is not positioned correctly when showed. Its position is fixed after resizing the window. If animateTarget is not...
  17. After calling setReadOnly on a field (ComboBox, Date, Trigger, ...), its width is not preserved, if it was already set. E.g. the width of the Date field with its width set to 150 is decreased after...
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