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  1. Hi
    I created a Carousel from scratch. So I manage completely my items. There is many reasons, but for now, this is not the problem.

    We can add over 500 items to the carousel Class. The Carousel...
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    I'm new to LocalStorage and I'm trying to make it work within a Model. Is that possible or it needs to be with a Store only?

    Ext.define("MyApp.model.configs.UserProfil", {extend:...
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    I know that in documentation it says that Ext.Loader must be used in Debug only, not in production. Actually in production we use the models:[], views:[], to load JS files. But it works only for...
  4. Ok
    Human mistake
    configs: {}
    instead of
    config: {}

    Don't tell anyone =D>
  5. What am I doing wrong?
    In Sencha Touch 1, it was possible to call a Store like that this.tvProviders(); where tvProviders is the name in the hasMany properties. In Sencha Touch 1, that did return a...
  6. Ok
    Thanks for this update.

    One question then. Is there any method that we can use that is triggered at start on a Model? Can we use constructor in this case?

    An init method or any kind of...
  7. I red a tutorial that said that all Class use now Ext.define. In this tutorial they said that initComponent have been replace by initialize. More interesting, it said that all Class have it now. You...
  8. My mistake
    Forget about this post.=;
  9. I have this error message when I create a new instance of my model and ty to call a method on it.
    MyModelClassName : Can not call MyMethodName until Class has Initialized

    var a =...
  10. Ok
    I found that usign sencha-touch-all.js fix my missing files error.
    Seams that Model.js and Observable.js exist only in the sencha-touch-all.js.

    Well, Model a Class the we normally extend in...
  11. Seams like if we want to do
    Ext.define("AnyCustomClass", {extend: "", ...
    or even
    Ext.define("AnyCustomClass", {"Ext.mixin.Observable",, ...
    We need to use the...
  12. May be this can help, I took my folder and move it to the desktop to have folder hierarchy without space (%20) in folder name. The error message change in that case. I get these one :
  13. Hi
    When I test my app in safari, I get these error. What did I do wrong an why these message?

  14. SoI can do something like this :
    var tempItem = this.get("myItemName");

    And I don't need to set it back after like that
    this.set("myItemName", tempItem);

  15. Hi
    Simple question, but important. In a Model Class, when we use the set and get methods to manage data in fields, does the get return a copy or a reference of the variable?

    We manage some custom...
  16. I just did the test over the web. I upload the code and Yes it does exactly the same. So in this case the mix white Sencha Touch and PhoneGap is not the problem.
  17. Hi
    We face a problem using Sencha Touch and PhoneGap over Android 2.x where the Keyboard don't hide when you click outside the textfield (pure HTML textfield input type="text"). There is a works...
  18. We actually work on a project for iOS and Android. On iOS the document.getElementById("myFieldName").blur(); works great. But on some Android platform their is a bug. Sometimes it works, sometimes no.
  19. Hi
    We are developing an application on Android and iPhone using Sencha Touch and PhoneGap. We face the same problem over Mobile and Tablet. The problem is simple. Anytime if we have an alert...
  20. Hi
    I need to create a panel that is over all, just like a Sheet. I actually use a Panel with a layout: auto and I can't figure out how to do this.

    I tried to set the style: "overflow:hidden;...
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    Sorry. The problem is different. Well its the inverse. When I move the hbox panel, its like only the view part move. I mean, before I start the animation, I can change the brwoser size to view...
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    I have a Panel of the layout type has card, I set scroll:false and fullscreen: true. This Panel has one child which is another Panel of the layout type hbox. The hbox Panel contain a lot of...
  23. Hi
    I need to update an object CSS after I add a new item in the Panel.
    In the following code, I keep a copy of my first item and I need to update its css after another item is added. Actualy, I can...
  24. Don't really know how to extend Carousel. There is a lots of methods that I would need to override and for now I need a little of them only. I think that I can simply create something custom for now,...
  25. Hi
    I need to create a king of carousel, but having 2 elements displayed at time. I decided to build it, but can't figure out how to display 2 elements and being able to move it.

    If I use the...
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