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  1. I'm using CheckBox and i want to change the position of the value so it will apear to the left to the checkBox iteself instead to its right (as it is now)
    i'm talking about the value lable and now...
  2. I'm using

    ListStore<BaseModel> store = new ListStore<BaseModel>();
    for (String value : values){
    BaseModel item = new BaseModel();
  3. Replies
    How can i customize the text on the buttons, in MessageBox?
  4. How do i align the ToolButtons in the ContentPanel's Header to the left instead to the right?
  5. I'm using the gxt rtl version 2.2.4

    i found 2 problems:
    1. the icon on the buttons are align to the center, and is getting over the text in the button.
    2. FillToolItem doesn't work (it suppose...
  6. is this project mavenized?
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