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    I have an ext menu item created from an icon and text. When this menu item is rendered by IE 7.0, a blank space is shown between icon and text. Is it possible to remove this?
  2. I am using extjs form and adding radio buttons (in a while loop) and a combo box. For the current iteration of the while loop two such radio buttons get added to the form and depending on a condition...
  3. hi:

    I am trying to load my combobox contents remotely.

    Problem: The contents are not getting loaded though on server the json object that is being returned is getting displayed.

    Approach: I...
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    I am using href now with toolbar.button.

    The code is as follows:

    var cardbutton=new Ext.Toolbar.Button({
    text: 'Get Card',
    tooltip: 'Get Card in text format',
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    I will try the link button and see if it works.

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    On button click, I plan to submit to a url. This url is a path that has been specified in struts-config.xml. It also has two parameters that server side struts action class needs to pick a text file....
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    I am writing the file contents into the HttpServletResponse's Servletoutputstream.
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    I have a toolbar.button (Extjs 2.0) instance in my toolbar. On clicking this button, I call a handler that needs to invoke the struts action class.

    How to do this is the problem (a button...
  9. Thanks. Greatly appreciate your response. I will look into API docs for 2.0
  10. I am looking for some more information on form.submit's success handler. Particularly, I am interested in action parameter in

    success: function(form_instance_create, action) { }

    My server...
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    I am looking for an answer to

    What exactly must the Server response for invoking the failure handler in form.submit?

    I have a struts action servlet whose execute method returns null and by...
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    I have a form that submits to the server. On error: the server has to show the error on the same form.

    The following .js file handles form submit:

    function doAdd(){
  13. There is a need to focus on a username textfield (such as a blinking cursor) in a form that is loaded when a .jsp is specified as part of the URL.

    Inputs welcome.
  14. Hi :

    I have a grid with paging capability. I am able to navigate through the pages and load a set of records from server (equal to pagesize).

    I want to find out the starting index of the...
  15. It's working now. Great!
  16. I have a page that has north, south and center part. The center one has a toolbar with menus and an IFrame loaded page (some .jsp). In my function abc, how should I use MenuMgr's hideAll method?
  17. I have a center region which consists of a panel. This panel consists of a toolbar and an IFrame. The toolbar has two menus added to it.

    Now, I am trying to hide the visible menus in my toolbar...
  18. My servlet is returning the supported languages and based on this information, I need to add radio buttons to my form.

    .js file:

    var playInstanceDlg;
    var supportedLanguageIndex...
  19. I need to display an image (one of the two images) in 1st column (or cell) based on the boolean value in column 4 of the row (or record) in a grid. I started out by using getRowClass method of Grid...
  20. There is a problem reading request parameters on server side. The value being returned is null on server side.

    .jsp page:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    Example = function(){
  21. My data in the two grids is getting loaded from an xml file. The tree initially is empty; or has just the root node. The records are dragged from the two grids and dropped onto the tree.

    The .jsp...
  22. I am using the following in my .jsp file

    <script type="text/javascript" >
    <%@ include file="js/subscribermenu.jspf" %>

    I just renamed my .js file as .jspf

    On view source...
  23. Hi:

    I have a T1.jsp that has within its script tag T1.js. Now in my T1.js I want to include two other files JS1.js and JS2.js.

    How changes do I make in my T1.js?

    My T1.js has a tree and...
  24. The view source of the page contains .js file

    <script type="text/javascript" src="../ext-1.0.1/ext-all.js"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/subscribermenu.js"></script>
  25. If I replace the constants with their respective value, the server side works fine.


    var strAction='<%MYConstants.ACTION_NONE %>';
    replaced by

    var strAction=0;
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