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    that's it, I was not on 4.1.1 yet

    thx a lot
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    Hi, I have a problem using a combobox with records having the same display value.

    Ext.create('Ext.form.field.ComboBox', {
    displayField : 'name',
    valueField :...
  3. Hi there,

    I have a formpanel with a lot of fields etc and a fieldset with the checkboxtoggle option set to true.

    This means the fieldset has a checkbox simple that allows to collapse or expand...
  4. problem solved with update to 4.0.7
  5. Hello,

    I use a form with a lot of different fields, some of them are datefields.
    These fields are submitted by using an ajax request. In the ajax requests callback I reset the form by

  6. thanks for the try but the beginEdit(), endEdit(), commit() doesnt work.

    I tried that before too

    console.log('Before End Edit');
    console.log('End Edit done');
  7. 4.0.2a

    tried with Firefox 5 only

    the file extends the grid and the config is applied within the initComponent method
  8. Hi,

    I use a grid with a store that is manually loaded via ajax, that is why i use a memory store.
    Manually my grid has a method that shall change some values via script.

    var store =...
  9. queryMode was set to local but the async loading of the ajax call was the problem

    I defined a listener for the load event and added the record in there, now everything is working,

    thx a lot for...
  10. thx for the try but if I try this firefox tells me "me.fields is undefined" in Model.js(606)

    I guess this is because I dont use a Model.
    Still I thought the reader should have enough information...
  11. Hi there,

    i defined a store

    Ext.define( '' , {
    extend: '',

    autoLoad: true, fields: ['display', 'value'], name: 'myStore', storeId:...
  12. ofc only once, as soon the grid exists you can't change the columns or a store any more

    you have to recreate the grid everytime the column model changes
  13. noone knows?
  14. just do the ajax request in the components initComponent method and in the ajax callback you define the store and columns and apply it to your grid
  15. Hi,

    In my application I use a controller plus views etc similar to the extJs examples.
    In the controller class I define

    init: function() {
    'viewport > subpanel1...
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    I'm using a grid with a cell selection changing some records of the store on select.

    xtype: 'gridpanel', selType: 'cellmodel',
    store: store,
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    Hi there,

    in ExtJs 3 there was the option to bind extJs components to existing html elements using the el: 'html-Id' property.
    According to the API it is still possible using the property...
  18. currently i solved the problem by filtering the sent value in the controller class, this works very good. The override of the thread is a much better solution, think I will change the code and use...
  19. I have a form with a simple htmleditor field inside.

    If i want to clear the editor and send the empty info to my controller f.e everything is fine as long I clean the editorfield in source code...
  20. nah, exactely that is the problem, you cannot call select on a node while it is the init method. the render process has to be finished to be able to call the select method on a node

    this means you...
  21. Yes, the problem was that somehow the node rendering was finished before the update with the same code but with the ExtJs update the node wasn't rendered. A select call to a not rendered node fails....
  22. oh, I found the select call but still I dont understand why it worked till this update came in?

    shouldn't there be an additional check null check for node.ui.wrap?
  23. Hello again,

    Some time ago (around start of Ext2.0) I included a Columntree to my project like in the examples pages with asynch loading, this works great till I recently updated to Ext3.2.1....
  24. I cant make head or tail of what changed because of the last update that big parts related with the events behave totally different.

    aand another example, according to the API its possible to...
  25. Ok lets try it a different way. My problem occured because I did the version update so there definitely has to be changes to the event handling that force this behaviour now.
    Lets say the...
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