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  1. Hi,

    Just came across this and wanted to see if anyone has found a workaround...

    When you use the cell editing plugin (Ext 4.0.7) you can click a cell to enter edit mode and then tab to the next...
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    Unless I am using it incorrectly, the overCls config for grid columns doesn't seem to do anything. My expectation is that on mouseover, the entire column under the mouse would take on the...
  3. Cool, thanks!
  4. Adding a headerclick event to a grid column seems not to be working as intended/documented. I've currently got it working using the headerclick event on the header container.

    See this thread for...
  5. Just found something in another thread ( my case it is a bug with locked columns...if I...
  6. Same problem here...the setVisible() and setWidth() for example are not members of the columns as the docs would suggest. Actually the grid.columns looks like it's only the config objects. Is there...
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    Working now...don't know what I changed. I don't like those kind of fixes, but I'll take what I can get!
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    I've got a chart on which I am drawing a couple paths. I am modifying these paths occasionally and then redrawing them. In Firefox and Chrome all works as intended. In IE8, however, the...
  9. Hi,

    This seems like it shouldn't be a hard thing to figure out, but how do configure things to allow me to create multiple themes? Right all images always go to '../images', how do I make them go...
  10. In my limited experience it's not even doing corners right. I'm trying to slice buttons and windows for IE8, and the slicing seems to work, but the display is all messed up for anything that is not...
  11. Hi,

    When I run 'sencha create jsb...' I'm get a jsb file that contains the following:

    "name": "Application - Production",
    "target": "app-all.js",
  12. the problem is that my web server is using windows authentication--I'm embarrassed that it took so long to identify! At any rate, is there any way around this (besides just switching off...
  13. With the sample from the docs it works when I don't use the full url. However when I do use the full url it seems that phantom js is not loading the webpage.
  14. Hey Guys,

    Similar trouble app uses some asp and regardless of the syntax I use to create the jsb3 file I get an error...see below.

    E:\www>sencha -v
    Sencha Command v1.2.2
  15. Has anyone else seen this/know a way around it?
  16. Hi Guys,

    Is it intentional or a bug that when I use a locked column in Ext 4.0.2 the scope of the column renderer's changes?

    I am extending a grid panel. I have 4 columns, none locked. I have...
  17. Ah, yes, I hadn't thought about having multiple cards...I like that one, I'll try it.

  18. It seems like something somebody would have done before...anybody?
  19. Hi,

    I'm trying to create an app that changes it's layout based on the device's orientation. So, when it's landscape it would use an HBox and when it's portrait it would use a VBox. Currently I'm...
  20. Brilliant! Thanks Steffen, that works.
  21. Well, the card layout only shows one card/panel at a time, I want to have the screen split into two panels.
  22. Sorry, I'm afraid I'm not following...
  23. Hi,

    I have the following code:

    var panel = new Ext.Panel({
    fullscreen: true,
    layout: 'hbox',
    layoutConfig: {
    align: 'stretch'
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    ah, brilliant thanks
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    In Sencha Touch, is there a easy way to detect the device os (android vs iphone/ipod). I'm not seeing the same functions that Ext offers for this.

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