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  1. hi thanks for replying.

    I have a tabpanel and now in one of the tabs i have to show dataview and when clicked on the dataview view, hide that dataview and show another dataview (also some other...
  2. hi thanks for replying. I just use the reopen tab code (as in previous post) and the tab is shown properly. But when i click on a button to go to the previous or next card i get "card" (string) in...
  3. hi everyone,
    I am using tabpanel with card layout. When i open the tab for the first time everything works fine. but when i close the tab and then reopen it then i can no longer navigate between...
  4. Hi everyone,

    The following css was causing the problem:

    table caption,
    table th,
    table td {
    padding: 0.1em 0.5em 0.1em 0.5em;
    margin: 0.1em;
  5. hi Zerba78, sorry i don't know which properties were affecting as i had a huge css file (created by someone else) so I discarded it and everything worked fine.

  6. hi thanks for replying.

    By fitColumn did you mean fitColumns() method of gridview? Could you please tell how and where to use it?

    Thanks for help
  7. hi thanks for replying.

    I tried to use that as follows but i still don't get the output.

    fields: [{name: 'name', sortType:}]

    What am I doing wrong?
  8. hi everyone,

    I am loading a grid dynamically in extjs. As you can see below the column "Created" is not wide enough to display whole text in it. I want to set every column's width such that...
  9. Hi everyone,

    I want to sort store (ArrayStore and GroupingStore) alphanumerically and case INSENSITIVELY. I am using singleSort() method but it sorts case sensitively. For example,

  10. hi did you find solution to ur question? I am also looking for the same thing.

  11. hi everyone....there was some problem with CSS.

    Thanks for helping.

  12. Hi

    The problem is code works fine when i create it in separate file. So there is no problem with the code. It just doesn't work in one of my projects (though in others it works fine.......)....
  13. hi everyone,
    I have a gridpanel and 5 columns in that. Problem is that column headers and row data are not aligned. I believe its just the problem in my project only as when i create an example...
  14. hi thanks a lot.... this is exactly what i was looking for.

    Could u tell me how to override just onMouseDown() function? I only know the way to do it is by redefining the whole
  15. hi thanks for replying.

    I have a button with a menu and i close it on some condition and when i dont want to close it i return false from beforehide listener of menu. But I want to do like if...
  16. Hi everyone,

    I want to know what event/method is fired/called when a button loses focus/blurs in extjs.

    I have a button with a menu. When I click anywhere other than the button or menu...
  17. Hi,

    Using following you can find which tabs are visible and which are not:

    Ext.get(tab.ownerCt.getTabEl(tab)).isVisible(); // tab = tab of a tabpanel

    Thanks to Hemlock.
  18. Hi everyone,

    I have a tabpanel where some tabs are hidden. How can i check which tabs are hidden and which are not.

    For example:
    - There are 5 tabs tab1, tab2, tab3, tab4, tab5. tab2 and tab4...
  19. Isn't there workaround for this???? Do I need to override something????

    Please help me.
  20. Hi everyone,

    I want to set first tab of a tabpanel to be visible/focused when problem loads.

    Here is what example:

  21. Hi everyone

    To do some processing on a tree node after an invalid drop, there is a method in Ext.tree.TreeDragZone, override that method :

    Ext.override(Ext.tree.TreeDragZone, {

  22. hi everyone

    When i remove all the childnodes of a node in tree then its ICON doesn't change to that of leaf node. How to do this?

    Thanks for help
  23. Hi everyone

    I have an editorialgridpanel (with CheckboxSelectionModel) and i perform drag and drop operations on it. I have encountered 2 strange things as follows:

    1) When i set enableDragDrop...
  24. This is the code of CheckColumn.js:


    Ext.ux.grid.CheckColumn = function(config){
    Ext.apply(this, config);
    if(!{ =;
  25. Hi everyone

    I want to use checkcolumn in editorgridpanel. I tried as follows:

    var buy_column = new Ext.grid.CheckColumn({
    header: 'Buy',
    dataIndex: 'buy',
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