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    Store into array

    How do I save data coming from an store into an array which is a local variable defined in my code. I am getting a list of clients from the store, and want to save the id and name of them into an...
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    Remote Combobox Filter

    How can I filter my combobox that I am getting values from to populate from a remote store upon user input, just like haw the States example works? Everytime I type something in the combobox it...
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    Submit form data to NEW POPUP Window

    I have some form data that I want to submit but want it to open a new window and display my data. The code I am calling is already done to take in the parameters. I don't see a target propery for...
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    Filtering combox like states example

    I am trying to filter my combox when I type in a value, but everytime it shows me the entire list that I get from the store, it is not working like the combox examples for the states, following is my...
  5. checkbox selection model row select and checked

    This was posted by another member, and I am trying to do the same, any responses or examples on this on how to do it?


    I have used this smartcheckboxselectionmodel and i need something like...
  6. HELP!!!!!!! have multiple selection models in a grid????

    I have a grid I have loaded from a store and it uses a smartCheckBoxSelectionModel to check rows that should be checked by default. I also want the ability to select a single cell and keep it...
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