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  1. I erased and recreated the object in sencha architect.
    I re-inserted the viewConfig and now it's working.
  2. no. deleting manually such lines makes sencha architect to recreate them once you reload.

    any idea how i could erase such lines?
  3. You're totally right. The viewConfig is overwritten.

    you know where? just some few lines under.
    Indeed now that i erased my viewConfig, i've found, while looking at the code, this:

  4. Hi,
    sorry for my late answer. actually i have been very busy.

    well, i don't understand quite well yout question, sorry.

    I'm using sencha architect and my "viewconfig" has been inserted on the...
  5. Hello,

    time ago i was searching how to differenciate every single line in a grid view according to some values in the record.

    So, i found a lot of helps in this forum and in some other web...
  6. That's right.
    It was passed as a string.

  7. Hello,

    i have a combobox in a form. The combobox is attached to a store which holds some elements. The elements are pair of kind "id", "name".

    Hence i defined my combobox in such way

  8. Hello,

    i'm wondering how to show/hide a panel dinamically.
    This is what's happening.
    My client receives a json string in which there's a flag. true or false.

    hence, i tried to do something...
  9. Thanks for the support.
    Actually, it doesn't work and i can't understand why.

    I took a look at your code and test it on the "preview" tab and it seems to work well. It's clear.

    But it does not...
  10. Hello,

    i have a field set and i'd like to change its background color.
    I defined in a css the following item

    .noteopen {
    background-color: #ffe2e2; !important
    color: #900;
  11. I have solve the problem. Here's the complete solution for those who will have the same problem.

    You will see different kind of columns. That's just because in my case i needed some checkbox...
  12. Hello i'm using sencha architect.
    What i'd like to do (and i still don't understand why it's not working) is to retrieve a JSON message, create an ad-hoc store and then create a grid connected to...
  13. Oh!
    Great idea. I didn't think about it.
    Actually this is all what i need, indeed.

    Thank you so much for the suggestion.
  14. Hello,

    I have some panels that i insert in a layer having accordion layout.
    What i would like is to execute some code on the panel that is expand.

    This is what i do

  15. Actually my server answers me with a message like

    id: 1
    list: [{id: 1234,
    something1: foo ,
    something2: foo
  16. Thanks for the answer.

    Btw, i still don't understand why it should add an empty model. I mean, the store uses a model, let's called, foo.
    foo is defined to have three fields. "id", "something1"...
  17. Hello,

    i'd like to understand.
    I have a store and i have a server which sends me the value to fill the store written in a JSON format.

    what i do is store.add(jsonstringlist);

    This works...
  18. Hello,

    Here's my problem. I receive from the server a message of such shape

    id: 2,
    description: "nicenice",
    idCustomer: 1,
    products: [{
  19. Hello to everybody.

    I'd like to load dinamically a image. Right now i am able to do in the following way

    Ext.get('myimg').dom.src = 'mypath';

    Btw this solution (even if it works!) seems...
  20. Hi, thanks for the answer.
    Could you explain me better how could i do that?

    I didn't understand when you said Process Config function.
    Something like?
  21. Hello,

    I'm using Sencha architect. I have a JSON Store with reader and writer.
    For flexibility i would like to define the 'url' pointing to an external variable with contains the real value....
  22. I agree with you. actually it seems the best solution. Indeed, just with this solution i'm sure that all the variable are initialized when i need them.

  23. Hi, thanks for the answer.
    As you colleague explained here, i added in the launch function (i'm using sencha architect).
  24. Hello,
    I understood how to have global values in my extjs application.

    Actually i still have some problem while accessing it. It tells me that the value does not exists.
    Let me explain with...
  25. Replies

    thanks for the answer. Yes, modal window is actually what i was searching.
    thank you so much for the answer.

    Before closing the thread, i will search an answer for my second problem.
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