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  1. Hello all,

    I have a Iframe (Ext.ux.Iframe) where the content will be updated oftenly (changing url or reload).
    I want to have a listener a certains dom element within this Iframe.
    (I want to...
  2. Which is not available for everybody.

    I put my package on GitHub:

    (I’m not fully familiar with package config especially concerning version...
  3. Replies
    Hello, maybe same issue as here:
  4. Hi Adrian, another fan interested by a port to 5.x/6.x
  5. Yes, an example on how to deal with the TreePicker will be greatly appreciate.
  6. Yup :)
  7. Thanks @evan, with this ressource I was able to manage!

    For sharing purpose, an updated fiddle which works:
  8. Hello how can I achieve to have a rotated text in a toolbar AND have a correct layout!
    Here is a fiddle to explain what i'm trying to achieve:

    You can see...
  9. Not really a bug, more a missing property.
    There is no background-color property in extjs-fieldset-ui.
    It seems to me a good idea to add this.

  10. I suggest to put this as an override in order to categorize this as a bug fix.

    /** * <pre>
    * Fixes:
    * - PickerId
    * </pre>
    Ext.define('MyApp.overrides.form.field.Tag', {
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    A roadmap and more communication about releases will be a great improvement (not to say a "must have")
  12. Hi,

    In Ext.dom.Element#scrollIntoView there is a parameter highlight.
    And even if the highlight parameter is set at true, if we ask for scroll and the element is already visible in the view, the...
  13. Thanks!
  14. @candycrate

    Did you find any suitable workaround?
    Did you post this testcase as a bug for Sencha? (because it looks like a bug for me...)
  15. Hello, doest these features has been done in Sencha Cmd 6?
    How can I achieve this?

    Thanks in advance
  16. @nohuhu, as we have no information when this release will be coming (it could be next week or in 2 months), we need to find alternative.

    So, the fix proposed above as some side effects (references...
  17. Hello,

    Does someone has a port of this in Ext 5+ ?

    Thanks in advance
  18. @yorl1n thanks!

    This trick can help me!
    It will not be easy to implement in my case but should work in some way.
  19. That's exactly what I did.

    Ok... there is something I don't understand, I manage to have this working but something is not clear for me.

    I have app (MyApp) and a theme package used by my app...
  20. Thanks vbarzana for diging into Sencha code.

    Ext.define('DaikitManager.overrides.mixin.Inheritable', {
    override: 'Ext.mixin.Inheritable',

    * {@link...
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    Hello did you manage to perform what you wanted?
  22. Any idea?
  23. And also ensure that you have included the package "font-awesome" in the "requires" section of your app.json (or package.json if you are using a custom theme package)

    (which I suppose is not the...
  24. Thanks for this proposal Joel!
  25. Hi,

    On a Ext.Panel (or other), how can I enable the scroll but without displaying the scrollbar?

    I see that on the scrollable config, I can set a scroller config and I try to put:

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