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  1. [OPEN] Grid Spreadsheet selection model - selectRows not working

    fiddle to show the issue

    steps to reproduce

    select a row using the number column
    hit "select rows" button
    select a cell
    hit "select rows" button...
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    [DUP] Buffered Rendering Scroll Whitespace issue

    Here is a fiddle which shows an issue with buffered rendering where the grid can display a large area of whitespace.


    Steps to reproduce
    Scroll to...
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    [OPEN] Any update or workaround for this issue?

    Any update or workaround for this issue?
  4. [FIXED] The override raised by Animal causes issue...

    The override raised by Animal causes issue EXTJS-18018. Is there a way around this to cover both this issue and EXTJS-18018?
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    If you dont want to be able to select rows (which...

    If you dont want to be able to select rows (which setting width to 0 will prevent a user being able to do) I'd suggest setting rowSelect: false on the selModel.

    rowSelect:false removes the column...
  6. [FIXED] As onNavigate is a private function I cannot...

    As onNavigate is a private function I cannot simply do Ext.override on Ext.grid.selection.SpreadsheetModel, any ideas on the best way to revert the if statement back to the Ext. 5.1.0 version. I...
  7. [FIXED] Seems like the cause of issue is in the...

    Seems like the cause of issue is in the onNavigate function in Ext.grid.selection.SpreadsheetModel.

    In 5.1.0

    if (!(me.cellSelect || me.columnSelect || me.rowSelect) || !navigateEvent.record...
  8. [FIXED] EXT 5.1.1 Spreadsheet selection model SHIFT select not working

    Recently upgraded to 5.1.1 explicitly for the spreadsheet selection model.

    Using shift select with only cell selection will select a range of cells. However, if I do a subsequent shift select the...
  9. How to determine Ajax request has timed out

    I need to have special handling for when a request has timed out.

    Currently, what happens is that the response.responseText is null in the failure handling. Is there an explicit way I can...
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    [FIXED] Thanks for reply Gary, any workaround for 5.0.1?

    Thanks for reply Gary, any workaround for 5.0.1?
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    [FIXED] Grid deselect event fired unexpectedly

    In ExtJS 5.0.1, having a grid panel which has whitespace, after clicking on the whitespace when an item is selected does not remove focus from selected item but does remove selection.

    Steps to...
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    Hi Gary, Thanks for your response, any workaround...

    Hi Gary, Thanks for your response, any workaround we could use? At the moment having to use title instead of data-qtip.
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    Grid selection issues after tooltip shown

    In any grid component, if the column renderer includes a tdAttr setting like
    metaData.tdAttr = 'data-qtip="An example tooltip"'; then after the tooltip is shown the selection model is affected and...
  14. [FIXED] Adding data between grids causes duplication

    I've got two grids which are identical apart from the fact that they contain different stores (Different by ID and data).

    If I want to add all contents of grid 1 to grid 2 using

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    Grid focusRow changes selection

    In 4.1.1 using focusRow on a grid had no affect on the selected items of the grid.

    Since change to 5.0.1, any call to grid.getView().focusRow() causes the selection to be changed.

    Here is a...
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    [DUP] Hi quophyie, Your right queryMode: 'local' does...

    Hi quophyie, Your right queryMode: 'local' does work. However I'm not in a position to use local querying as I need remote querying.
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    Is it possible to know the workaround for this...

    Is it possible to know the workaround for this issue so I can implement a fix which does not require me upgrading from the GA of 5.0.1?
  18. [OPEN] Window animateTarget causes restore issues

    When a window has animateTarget set then after maximising the window the restore function causes the window to be resized incorrectly.

    Can be demonstrated here...
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    Grid with Buffered Store sort problem

    With a buffered store and a grid with a selected item, when sorting the data the result set is blank.

    Can be demonstrated in this fiddle based on the buffered...
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    [DUP] Combo Box list select item with spacebar

    In ExtJS 5, it appears combo boxes have changed so that use of the spacebar causes a selection on the first element in a result list.

    Using fiddle start...
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    Still an issue

    Wondering what the status of this issue is and whether it will be resolved for 5.0.1?

    I've tested against the latest nightly build and its slightly better than the 5.0.0 release however if I...
  22. evant,Thanks for your response. That worked a...

    evant,Thanks for your response. That worked a charm. The code I posted worked on a 4.1.1 system and stopped when going to 5.0.0. Any reason why thats the case? Just for a better understanding.Thanks
  23. Store filterBy function stops working on empty input

    With a text entry field used to filter a store. If the value passed to filterBy function is an empty string then the results of the filter are incorrect and any subsequent changes to the filterBy...
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    Similar Issue

    I've got a similar issue in that I have a scrollable container which I have autoScroll:true yet I want to set the scrollbar width to be 0px.

    overflow:hidden removes the scrollbar but disable the...
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    Grid - State of columns not being restored

    I've recently upgraded from 4.1.1 to 5.0.0 and my grid panels are not restoring state correctly.

    Sort is being restored however column positions and whether hidden or not is not being restored....
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