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    I'm using the sql proxy for offline data because I have more than 5MB of data to store and update. When I load the store data I get only 25 entries. I found out that this is due to the pagin...
  2. Same thing happens in the Sencha 2.4.2.

    Any hint on how to solve this?

    EDIT: Actually seems to be defined by the pageSize config variable.
  3. I agree. The package target allowed me to keep the production cordova project outside of my sencha project.

    That way I could easily build "developing" and "release" versions separately.

    I still...
  4. Hi guys,

    since the Sencha Cmd v5.0.2.270 building the package is broken.

    Now when I run: sencha app build package the package is placed under the sencha project root and not under build/...
  5. The cordova File plugin was used before being properly loaded. I have set a setTimeout call for the function that needs the filesystem in order to delay the access.

    I had to comment parts of the...
  6. Hi guys,

    I have a strange problem here. My app works well on the android and ios7 but does not load on the ios8.

    No errors are issued and it the alert statements put in the app launch functions...
  7. Works? How did you manage to fix the issue and with which Java version?
  8. Are you also a GNU/Linux user?
  9. I have downgraded java to OpenJDK 6 and everything works as supposed. This seems to affect sencha cmd only when coupled with OpenJDK 7 and higher.
  10. Is there anybody that has the same problem? Any suggestion or any fix, even temporary?
  11. Hi,

    when I try to create a build I get a NullPointerException. This happens even in a brand new project.

    Here are the steps for testing this:

    sencha -sdk /path/to/sencha2.3.1/touch/code/...
  12. so when you try to start a build you don't get this error:

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.0.160
    [ERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
  13. Same problem here on Ubuntu 14.04.1. Is there any temporary fix for this issue?
  14. Thank you very much for your feedback. I'll check the link you provided.
  15. Could anybody else confirm this bug please?
  16. I need the filefield to choose files. The file transferring is then done with the ajax post calls and webservices so I basically don't need the cordova file-transfer plugin.

    So that is not the...
  17. Hi guys,

    I have problems with the xtype: filefield on Android 4.4.2.

    The object is displayed properly but when the Choose File button is pressed nothing happens.

    There are no log reports....
  18. Hi guys,

    I'm using the Ajax proxy to connect to my server and to get the data. There are a lot of calls to webservices on the server.

    The problem I have is that using a Store for a request is...
  19. I have Android 4.3 and 4.2.2 here in the lab. The problem occurs on both version.

    I'm afraid this is not a Sencha bug. After searching online it seems that the bug is related to the Android...
  20. I have Android 4.3 and 4.2.2 here in the lab.

    I'm afraid this is not a Sencha bug. After searching online it seems that the bug is related to the Android support of the html5 video and audio tags....
  21. Hi,

    I have problems with the xtype video and audio on Android. Everything works on iOS devices but not on the Android devices.

    The code is pretty standard. The video and audio files are inside...
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    Ok. Is there a packaged version of the locale manager?

    In the end I created a directory "extensions". It seems the most appropriate to me. Polluting the packages directory doesn't seem to be a...
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    The correct variable was: app.classpath just like you wrote.

    Sorry but it is 17:40 here and I'm quite tired so I overlooked it. (:|

    Thank you very much for your help.

    I'll revert the change...
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    Ok. So I suppose this is the variable I should modify: app.resource.paths.

    What is the best practice. Should I put the Ux.locale.Manager code inside the package directory?

    EDIT: As a quick test...
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    Sorry, I did it only because I thought this would allow me to create a production build. That is the only reason. I thought that putting the code in the touch/src folder would make it available to...
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