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  1. Thanks.
    I am looking forward to the next version!
  2. Yes, I use Ext.Direct
  3. I upgraded SA2 to SA3.
    When I opened SA2 project file by SA3,An error occured.
    I pushed the ignore button,I was able to open the project file.
    But,it appears whenever I open every time.
  4. Hello,Kikketer.

    Thanks a lot.
  5. I bought Ext designer last year.
    And I was able to upgrade it with SA2 free.
    May I think that I can upgrade it with SA3 this time?
  6. Hello,
    I bought SA2 and using it.
    Is the upgrading from SA2 to SA3 free?

    Best regards,
    Kouji Kitamura.
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  8. Thanks a lot.
    I just want to product like a Touch Paint in Kichen Sink.
    I do not know to define Draw component how.
    Best regards.
  9. Is it possible to make a demo application like sencha touch kichen sink by Sencha Architect 2.1?
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  11. Thanks.:)
  12. Thanks a lot!
    Can the font size of a button-text or combo-box item also be changed by CSS?
    I tried them but could not change,but only background color.

    What is bad?

    Code is...
  13. The method was found!

    What was necessary was just to only have set to fieldStyle or labelStyle with "background-color:red;font-size:18px".

    That's all!
  14. I think to use fieldStyle or labelStyle,
    but I don't know how to set them.
    Please teach me the detailed setting method.
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