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  1. Your example was concise and worked wonderfully. Here's what I have so far:

    1. Use Sencha Architect to "design" my beautiful GUI.
    2. Use 'sencha app build package' to ultimately get the js code...
  2. I'm sorry. I got confused with Phonegap 2.2. I AM running 2.1 version of sencha touch with ExtJS 4.1. But the results are still the same.
  3. The packager.json file was already "1" vs just 1 (I'm running touch 2.2). But I reran at cmd line vs. using UI and the same problem is occurring.
  4. That worked! Thanks!
  5. C:\Users\Loren\xampp\htdocs\sencha_apps\my-app>sencha app build package
    Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.250
    [INF] init-properties:
    [INF] init-sencha-command:
    [INF] init:
    [INF] ...
  6. Thanks, Brice! I've also been looking into Phonegap 2.2.0. I thought it was a case of "one or the other". But it looks like I can use both? Phonegap seems a bit more intuitive for me to use....
  7. That's great Brice. But I want to build a downloadable APK for Android. I don't want to run from my Web browser on my device. How do I do this?
  8. Hi gang,
    I'm evaluating Sencha Architect 4.1 and Touch 2.1. I've done everything In the setup, but I'm getting the following "build"error. Please help

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SenchaArchitect>cd...
  9. I misunderstood the directions! I didn't put the initial "Container" first.
  10. Hi gang,
    I am trying to learn Sencha Architect by following some examples. I'm on this example here:!/guide/first_mobile_app
    About 1/4 down the page, there's...
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