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    If you're using PHP 5, JSON are native. If not, you have to use a JSON class. I attached the script to help you. It's so easy to use. Download it and rename to Services_Json.php.
  2. I know about that. But, how can I do it? I've been figured out about this for 2 days, but I didn't find anything. The multiselect documentation is a little confused.
  3. Yes. I'm using a local server. It runs very well. So, yesterday, I installed the version based on Adobe AIR. It works so good. Better than the version on the web. I suggest to all Ext users.

  4. Hi people,

    How could I load data into Multiselect according a combobox selected option? In my case, I've a combo listing domains and after select a domain, I want to load all users from this...
  5. I did something similar to display a status image instead of text (ie. a tick icon as active status and a cross as inactive). You can do this using a renderer.

    See the following code to see how my...
  6. I access the docs into my local server (I use XAMPP) and it works very well.
  7. I know. What I want to know is what he want to do. For example, if he want to get those data, he could export to a CSV file. It's easier if he tell us what he really want to do.
  8. What do you really want to do? Why do you want to copy and paste the text?
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    Try using setIconClass() and getActiveTab() methods.
  10. I'm using a global JS file containing the core of my app and created a JS file for each module of my app and call them in global JS file. I don't know if it's the better solution, but it works very...
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    Que isso? Portugl
  12. I'm trying to do it, but without success. I'm using isDirty() function to check if the fields were changed. However, the script is submitting all form fields. I discuss about it at this thread:...
  13. Does anybody know how to submit only modified form fields? I've been trying to do it for 3 days and I didn't achieve yet. Please! :((
  14. [PHP]var form = insertDomainsForm.getForm();
    var dirty = insertDomainsForm.getForm().isDirty();
    if(dirty) {
    //alert('Os dados foram alterados!');
    var params = new Object();...
  15. madrabaz or somebody, I need to created the params variable as an object. According the solution found by madrabaz, it didn't. Does anybody have a suggestion?

  16. OMFG!!! Thanks man!!! It works right now!!! =D>
    OMG!!! I've been trying to make it works for 2 days!!!

    for(i = 0; i < 1000000; i++) {
    echo "Thanks in advance!!!<br />";
  17. I already tried this way, but it didn't work. I must pass the parameters using JSON format, like the following:

    "param_1": "value",
    "param_2": "value",
    "param_3": "value",
  18. I've been tried using a loop like form.items.each() and isDirty() function to check which fields were modified. I put those fields in an array and after I call Ext.encode(params), where params are...
  19. Hi people.

    I'm using isDirty() method to check if a form was (or wasn't) changed. Now, I need to know which fields were changed to submit these data. How can I get them?

    Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello people.

    I need some explanation about creating and inserting records in stores and how it works with inserting and updating the data in the database.

    I know how to create and insert them....
  21. You must use column layout. Check Form 3 Example source code here.
  22. Hi people.

    I have a form and I'd like to update some data information. I load the data into the form and make some changes. How can I check which fields was modified (comparing with the loaded...
  23. listeners: {
    rowdblclick: function() {}, // event for row double click
    rowclick: function() {} // event for row click

    This is a GridPanel property. GridPanel doesn't have an event to...
  24. Hello.

    I'm trying to populate a multiselect with the JSON data retrieved from the server according a selected combobox option. How can I do it?

    Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi people.

    I need to populate a multiselect according the selected combobox option. How can I populate the multiselect if it doesn't have a method to do it? I'm getting the data using a JSON...
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