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  1. Hi,

    I have a page with a button and when the button is pressed, the window location is assigned to a URL where the backend Java process writes out an Excel file to the HTTP response stream so that...
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    I have a CheckBox component in the top toolbar of a FormPanel and want to change the style (e.g. changing the background color, the font color, the font size, etc) of the CheckBox when it is...
  3. It worked! Great. Thanks a lot, Condor!
  4. Thanks Condor for your reply.

    But I cannot still get it to work.
    I tried the following as you suggested but it gave me a "dlg.getEl is not a function" error.

    var dlg =...
  5. Did anybody find a way to get hold of the buttons in MessageBox or any workarounds at all ?
    I'm doing testing with Selenium IDE and also would like to have access to the Yes/No buttons.
  6. Hi,

    Is there any way to remove the refresh button from PagingToolbar?
    I have tried
    But it didn't help me. Please help me.

  7. Does anydoby know how to do this?
    I'm also stuck with this problem. Please help!!
  8. Hello, is the fix still in the queue? Do you have any rough ETA for it?
  9. Anyone has any idea?
  10. I think I spotted what the problem is.
    I did

    but it seems if I do this, then any subsequent calls to ds.commitChanges seem not to fire "update" events.
    If I copy...
  11. Am I misunderstanding something here? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    My understanding is that we can call commitChanges function on a Store object to reset flags and fire the "update" event. Then...
  12. Hi,

    I'm trying to catch the "update" event which should be fired whenever the commitChanges function is called on a Store object.
    However, my handler function is not being called when the...
  13. I tried it and it works! Thanks for the help:)

    For the column resize event, I did

    var adjustWidth = function(colmodel, columnIndex, hidden){
    grid.setWidth (cm.getTotalWidth (false));
  14. Has anybody tried something similar to this before?
  15. Hello,

    I apologize if this question has shown up already in other posts but I could not figure out how to do the same.

    I have a GridPanel in one of the tabs in a TabPanel and am setting...
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    Are there any ways to lock/fix a toolbar in a GridPanel so that when we scroll down the grid, the toolbar always stays at the same place, not going out of the viewport?
  17. Yeah, right. I have been trying to use it but it had not been working.
    But now that I'm initializing a Store object correctly, it's working.
    Anyways, thanks a lot for your help:)
  18. I have a GridPanel and can get modified records as[] using the Store's getModifiedRecords() method.
    Now I'm trying to initialize a Store object with the array of Record to create...
  19. I'm wondering how I can change the background row color to a particular color in EditorGridPanel if the row is modified.
    Also I don't want the color to go away when I sort the rows after changing...
  20. This issue might not be relevant to this thread, but I'm trying to encode GridEditor objects to JSON strings with the idea you suggested for PropertyGrid.setSource.
    In my code, I'm associating...
  21. Actually I tried "method 2" in your post and it worked perfectly.
    Also it worked with "sortable" set to true as well.

    Maybe as long as we override the config object of the colModel not colModel...
  22. Hi para,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I tried...

    var propGrid = new Ext.grid.PropertyGrid({title: 'Property Grid'});
    var pColModel = new Ext.grid.PropertyColumnModel([
  23. Ahh right. It works.
    How stupid I am...:s

    Thanks a lot for your help:)
  24. Hi santosh.rajan,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    According to your suggestion, I tried ...

    var myname = "(name)";
    var creationDate = "Created";
    var availability = "Available";
  25. I know how we can populate a PropertyGrid with source but am wondering if there is any way to set the 'name' column values using variables.

    I know we can do something like...

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