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  1. Thanx, it works
  2. My grids are so huge, it will be easier if you just take grid sample from examples and apply your script. Maybe I do something wrong, can you provide FULL source codes, please. Actually, I wonder why...
  3. Thanx!
    Actually I can't define onscroll event on panel directly, but on parentNode
    Sample code will lokk like this :

    xtype : 'panel',
    id :...
  4. Hello!

    I have viewed 2.0 documentation but can't find the way how to sync scrollbars in BorderLayout. I have BorderLayout with 3 horizontal frames, and I want to sync horizontal scollbars so that...
  5. Your fix doesn't work
    Anybody from support team, can you provide the decision please?
  6. Ok, guys, today ext2.0 was released, but main bug is still here! You promised that you fix it in final release, but all you've done is that you mark all threads abput this bug as [DUP] :)

  7. up!
  8. Thanx, jsakalos ;) hope future bugfix will be included in ext2.0 release
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    Hello, there was really useful extension in Ext1.1 called ImageChooser. Have anyone ported it on Ext2.0?


    to Core...
  10. OK, I try to explain again

    1. open example page
    2. increase "Light" column width so it will be about 300-400 pixels (I need it for other...
  11. Hello,

    EditorGrid cell edit fails when I try to access cells with scrolling. For example, I have grid with 20 fields, so I need to use scrolling to access another cells. You can see it in action...
  12. I found decision, just added {autoTabs : true} to TabPanel.
  13. Hello,
    I use form with about 60 fields, so I split it logically into 10 tabs. When I run form.submit() action, form sends data only from tabs, which have been opened. I tried to init TabPanel with...
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    Hello, I'm just interested about the status of this problem. Will this bug be surely fixed in final ext2.0 version? I guess this is really big problem with EditorGrid, when you can't build grids with...
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    ok, thanx, Brian. I hope this bug will surely be resolved :)
    I just thought that this bug causes big problems with EditorGrid, for example I can't start my project until it's not resolved.
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    full description here :
    a lot of posts without any answers
    I decided to post this message here because nobody answer

    I had stable working EditorGrid...
  17. I have stable working EditorGrid with lock-possible columns in ext1.1 version, but what I noticed when migrated to ext2 version:
    - locking now is disabled and no way to emulate locking (I guess it...
  18. Hey guys, I have the same trouble in EditorGridPanel, checked on IE6, FF2, Opera9.2.
    I hope anybody from support can explain this ... But no replies
  19. Hello, I have just installed ext 2.0a version and think WOW!! That's incredible! That's the best!
    Actually, I guess I need to wait for official release, because docs are sometimes incorrect or no...
  20. OK, appreciate you) sorry for my bad english first
    I need to use ChooserField not in simple Form, but in EditorGrid.
    I found component on this page, it's perfect and works good when you use it in...
  21. Please, can anybody say me how to use this field in EditorGrid, all tries are not successfull? Need this feature very much ...
  22. Please, can anyone help me with this problem? Maybe I do somothing wrong but it seems ok
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    You can specify tooltip in ColumnModel

    var wpTrackColumnModel = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([
    header : "WellplotID"
    ,hidden : true
    ,tooltip ...
  24. Thanks a lot, Brian. Very useful information
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    so the silence
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