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  1. There's a minor typo in the jsdoc for Ext.util.Collection#extraKeys. The text Ext.util.CollectionKey isn't properly enclosed with backticks. There's a single quote character where the ending backtick...
  2. I'm having the same issue with version

    I'm using a storeId as value for the store config. The store class is present in the requires array, but the plugin warns me about an unused...
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    It seems this is a bug which is fixed in Cmd, as you can read in the Sencha Cmd Release Notes here:

    After upgrading, i've...
  4. Hi,

    We have a couple of grids that have a paging toolbar. We want to switch to buffered scrolling instead of paging. For this i've tried changing these grids' stores to BufferedStores...
  5. Hey,

    you could also take a look at We use jsduck to generate API docs for our own code.
    We include the Ext JS classes so we have a single set of API...
  6. This seems to be fixed in

    Your fiddle example no longer logs the add and remove events when using Ext JS (tested with classic Neptune, classic Triton and modern Triton).
  7. This seems to be fixed in

    Your fiddle example no longer logs the add and remove events when using Ext JS (tested with classic Neptune, classic Triton and modern Triton).
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    I had the same error building our applications after i removed this line from the "js" array in my app.json file:

    "path": "${framework.dir}/build/ext-all-debug.js"

  9. Still broken in :(

    This is preventing us from upgrading beyond Ext JS and Cmd
  10. Any progress on this? It's preventing us from upgrading from 6.0.0 to 6.0.1.
  11. returns params as data for non-GET requests that do not contain any body data themselves.

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    I've adapted westy's original example to work with Ext JS 6 and it seems to be working.

    Here's the fiddle.
  13. Confirmed!

    All of these are available again in the Classic API docs. The API docs generated by jsduck for our own projects also include these.

  14. These css mixins are missing from the Ext JS 6 Classic documentation:
  15. Looks like this was already reported:
  16. It seems that the JetBrains Plugin does not detect xtypes in the defaultType config or the defaults configs object.


    Both configs can reduce the amount of code if you need a multiple...
  17. Plugin doesn't seem to recognize the following shortcuts for toolbar widgets:

    '-' for tbseparator
    ' ' for tbspacer
    '->' for tbfill

    These shortcuts are handled in Ext.toolbar.Toolbar...
  18. ObjectTemplate does not handle null values in a template object correctly. It applied an empty object '{}' to null values.

    For example, see this Fiddle:

  19. In a grid with the grid filters plugin, when a text or number value column is filtered, removing that filter only works by using the keyboard. Using the mouse, by using the clear field 'x'-button in...
  20. Bug in Ext.container.Container#moveBefore and #moveAfter: when moving a child with a lower index to a child with a higher index withing the same container, the child gets placed one position too...
  21. Seems this is (still) fixed in Ext JS, just check the Fiddle.

    @evant: i think you guys can close the ticket now
  22. Would you mind telling us what you've fixed so we can apply a bugfix override?
  23. Seems to work again in Ext JS Crisp. You can check this in the Fiddle example linked in the first post.

    Ext.grdi.column.Action#updater@line 312:

    updater: function(cell, value,...
  24. The file in the ext- commercial release contains the wrong version number. The full version number seems to be missing the patch number. This:

  25. See

    The jsdoc of Ext.form.CheckboxGroup#getErrors seemingly contains a typo where is...
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