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  1. However I changed this line of code:

    return Ext.isObject(id) ? ( ? id : Ext.create(id, 'store')) : this.get(id);

    if(Ext.isObject(id)) {
    return ( ? id : Ext.create(id,...
  2. Hello,

    I'm using Ext Designer 1.2.2 with Ext JS 3. I successfully export the project, but when I try to run it I receive:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined
    I dig a...
  3. Hello,
    it looks like Ext Designer 1.2.2 ( doesn't work well on my...
  4. Hello, thanks, now everything works as I expected.
  5. Hello,

    we bought Ext Designer before a couple of months. I can't find the installer of the version that we used then, but I have the license number for it. And because our created app uses old...
  6. Same error under Ubuntu. It will be good if someone respond on this thread.
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