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  1. Awesome! That hint to browse the resource folder was great! Much appreciated.
  2. Hey,
    I just saw your video today. Great job! I look forward to buying your book. Do you have any chapters available until then we can look at?
  3. Would Sencha please write a white paper on the security risks associate with your implementation of JSON inside Sencha Touch. In particular, what should we do to overcome any security issues from our...
  4. Here is the list for those who don't want to look it up. It would be nice if this would be in the documentation if it is not already.

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    I have to second the vote for putting the forums at least into Sencha Touch. When accessing the forum from my DroidX Android phone, it is basically impossible to use. It would be great if you could...
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    Any word on a possible ETA for Beta release? We would like to participate in the Beta if possible. We are waiting to purchase as we only need the Sencha Touch features.
  7. It is not very user friendly to access this forum from my Android phone. How about creating a new video demo of an mvc app where this forum is the app? The number of videos for mvc is too few and...
  8. If we purchase the Designer product, does it support Sencha Touch?
  9. Has anyone taken the Sencha auto generated application and turned it into a Visual Studio 2010 project template by chance?

    This would be a great feature for Sencha or someone to add for us VS2010...
  10. Just downloaded and going through the Getting Started document. After following the instructions, I am not able to find any information on what goes in the guide.css file. The document states:
  11. Thanks Mitchell, that was very insightful. My current web services allows you to log in and passes back a session token. It is that session token we pass back in future calls, so I see how what you...
  12. We are building a line of business application for mobile devices. The application will access data from either a web service or JSON service. I was wondering if anyone has had an in depth...
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