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  1. Great, thank you !
  2. So if we are starting a new desktop app from scratch that we later on will adapt to mobile what would be your advise for the best setup to start with ?

    Universal, classic or modern ?

    Can we add...
  3. Hi,

    is there a way to install Sencha Cmd from start to finish in an automated process. Specifying an installation path upon calling sencha upgrade.

    Thank you
  4. That's a very good extension.... but GPL ;-)

    Thanks anyway
  5. From the examples .... the result is great

    Ext.evFeedback = function(){
    var msgCt;

    function createBox(t, s){
    return '<div class="msg"><h3>' + t + '</h3><p>' + s +...
  6. Hi,

    what I would like is to have a panel that fadeIn/fadeOut at the top of the screen to give the user some feedback (completion, saved, loading, ..). I know I could use a status bar but I'd...
  7. How would you use this in a concrete example ?
    Where do you put this code and where would you call it ?
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