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  1. A bit late - but if anyone else is looking for the answer the loading mask is owned by the list of the combo box.

    So you have to add this to the listConfig attribute of the combo box e.g.

  2. I had the same problem too - 4.2.1
    This simple override works for me.

    Ext.define('MyApp.override.grid.ColumnComponentLayout', {
    override: 'Ext.grid.ColumnComponentLayout',

  3. I see this issue in 4.2.883 but only when
    - using IE8 (the majority of our users :-| )
    - the grid is narrow enough that column content overflows the cells (or there are loads of columns in a wide...
  4. I've spotted a minor issue with rawData caching.

    1st request is processed.
    Response received ok.
    proxy.processResponse() is called
    Reader picks up say 999 records and stores in reader.rawData....
  5. Hiya,

    I've spotted a related issue with rawData caching on Ext 4.2 but this may help you investigate more.

    1st request is processed.
    Response received ok.
    proxy.processResponse() is called ...
  6. Hiya slemmon - thanks for taking the time to look at this for me.

    But what you propose doesn't work.

    I did have different options commented in / out in the test code - that might have been...
  7. I want to use the apply<ConfigName>( ) method to make changes to the property value.

    But if there is a value set to the config property when my component is initialised - any changes made in...
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    Ah ... or is it just that app-refresh and app-resolve are only relevant to Ext Js apps and not Sencha Touch apps?
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    Ok - I see where the message is coming from - just need to know how to fix it now!

    In file <app>/.sencha/app/plugin.xml
    I added these lines

    <target name="-before-app-refresh">
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    Have found the same error message in an old post

    where the SDK path was not resolved correctly ... but not sure how that would apply in this...
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    I have a similar bug.

    Mac OSX 10.7.4
    Just upgraded from Cmd to
    Had bugs during production build ... so changed back to

    Created new ST 2.1.1 app using
    > sencha...
  12. Have you run

    sencha app upgrade --noframework


    sencha help app upgrade

    for more information ...
  13. I have a list which is initially rendered ungrouped on a store with no grouper function defined.

    I use the following code to dynamically change this to a grouped list

  14. Hiya,

    Not sure if this is the right place to post - so feel free to move if you want to.

    I have a simple app
    - created by Architect for Ext 4.1.x
    - then using Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.230 and Ext...
  15. If I have a class

    That is already linked to an instance in say MyViewport


    Then I add a custom config property to MyClass.
  16. Excellent news - sounds like you guys are keeping very busy :)
  17. For Cmd it looks like the related code has been moved into

    <app base folder>/.sencha/app/build-impl.xml

    So same problem - just in a different place :)
  18. Bruno - good spot!
    Thank you for posting this.


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    Sencha Touch oData Connector for SAP released

    Only supports xml ... latest version of SAP Gateway (SP04) now supports JSON ..
  20. Thanks!
    I was originally trying to do something like this - but over complicated it by trying to avoid hard coding the Base class destroy logic.
    This is a much better work around than the one I...
  21. I had the same error too - couldn't get to the bottom of it either.
    I recommend a slight adjustment to the override in the meantime.

    Ext.define('Ux.dom.Element', {

  22. I have the same bug on Android 2.3.4
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    It looks like oData support will be coming soon(?) for Sencha Touch at least.
  24. Hiya,

    Originally selectionchange only fired once when a new item was selected on a list.

    Now it fires twice if
    - list has singleSelect = true
    - list has item selected
    - you select a...
  25. Hiya,

    I have a store I change proxies on as it switches between off line with local storage and online with ajax.

    Upgrading my app to ST2 I found this bug:

    - store is initially set with a...
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