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    I guess you are expecting to have some sort of UI around building these VTypes? I guess it doesn't support that, but SA3 still lets you type in custom defined vtypes. I'm not really seeing much use...
  2. I'm trying to get all paths to be relative, so they will work right out of SCM. When building it does this:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SenchaArchitect3>xcopy...
  3. Still an issue in version on windows 7 64bit.
  4. Thanks for the input. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) requirements have changed making this functionality not really work in my app. If I ever do get back to this, I will post what I come up with.
  5. Yes, now I have the new version with the cachebuster url (why didn't I think of that), and the original one still pulls the old version. Something in between us must be caching.

    Thanks for your...
  6. Just downloaded and reinstalled and still have the issue. Ultimately it takes me to this exe file:

    Which when I...
  7. Architect Build tested:

    Build: 1039
    Project Type:

    NA (well ExtJS4.2.2 but the issue is before you get to the point where you open the project).

    I got the message to...
  8. I'd like to implement functionality where after a blur or some sort of delay the new data entered gets committed to the server. I should be fine with the actual eventing/sending to server, but I'm...
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    It works quite well, a little jerky on the move but who cares for the functionality. If anyone's interested, here are the basic config options:

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    Awesome, my fault for looking at the 1.0 documentation not 1.2.
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    We have some users with visibility issues and typically run their webapps using the browser's zoom. We are using packager, which doesn't have any default 'zoom' functions. The closest I have found...
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    Break it up a little:

    var openWrapper = function (originalOpen) {
    console.debug('original open exists here:' + originalOpen);
    var newOpen = function (url, name, features) {
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    This is in the Sencha Architec 3, you will be much more likely to get help in
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    Just implemented this for my app:

    //only apply if running in packaged app
    if(window.Ion){ = function (open) {
    return function (url, name, features) {
  15. Ok, desperately trying anything, it turns out adding the switch "--no-sandbox" (chrome flag) on my packaged .exe file allows me to launch my app from a network drive. For example:

  16. Anybody? We like this tool, and are looking into purchasing it, but this could be an issue...
  17. Is it possible or supported to run a packaged application off of a remote file store? I'm running Win7-64bit with the latest Desktop Packager, and have tried several ways, but all produce an error:...
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    I'm brand new to packager so forgive me if this is ignorant but couldn't you wrap the [1] command?

  19. Thank you!! That wasn't exactly what I wanted but made the answer pretty obvious: x-form-dirty label

    The original suggestion applied the style to the text inside the input field, using label...
  20. I've been using 4.x for a while and my app shows dirty fields with a css override on x-form-dirty. Once upgrading to 4.2.0 it no longer works. I'm having trouble finding any documentation on it so...
  21. Thought maybe it was just because of some overrides I had but I've got the same thing. My workaround is adding this to my editor's 'beforeedit'

  22. I recently went though the same issue, it's not perfect but this should get you started. Hopefully you, or some people could offer some improvements. I kind of settled with "good enough" for the...
  23. I ran into this issue as well. My workaround is similar, but I attach to the "beforequery" event. Do we have any other (hopefully better) options?

    Ext.define('MyClass', {
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    When I get a chance I'll add that patch to my latest post to make it easier for others, but I wanted to propose a question for discussion. This is to the best of my knowledge, so i may be wrong on...
  25. You can figure it out by just updating the revision number in the urls that they've given:
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