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  1. I updated the getValues function. If we call getValues without any parameter it will return us all the days selected. Now, if we set true to first parram by calling the function like this:...
  2. I fixed the "bug" with today button, also todayBtn gets its name by selectionMode, on day the button text is "Current Day", on week, "Current Week" and on month "Current Month".

    Today Button...
  3. great extension! :D

    I have:

    xtype : 'datepickerrange',
    fieldLabel: 'Range Date',
    selectionMode : 'day',
    id : 'date-range'
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    Lovely extension! Thank you for this!

    I made a change on this, I think that the proper is to destroy the element after auto hide.

    animHide: function(){
    this.el.ghost("b", {
  5. it worked like a charm! :D

    And i checked the getTools function, actually i have modified the function, and it works like yours now i just forgot to upload it. But i still get the problem of...
  6. Good morning! I'm glad that I helped in someway :D about the function.. really? I thought that i modified the function... hmm maybe for the example i forgot it! I will download new files right away...
  7. unfortunately i couldn't get it to work with fusionportlet xtype... :(
    its simple i know but it does not working, I'm sure that have no mistake, maybe I'm missing something.. ? Anyway when you will...
  8. Hey! Good morning!

    Sunny morning, clean mind fresh air of Athens and some tea makes your day! Until kids starts to scream all over the house! :P

    I used ...
  9. hi! Well at first time i just commented these two lines as you say but after i saw that some problems still remain, like on statefull portal you can increase the height of portlet but you cannot...
  10. hey I forgot about SVN! I had 2.1 version before but i removed it because it wasn't working with Statefull Portal component so I debug it and found that on file uxmedia.js version 2.1 line ~950 you...
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    Hello, what I'm trying to accomplish is to have an anchor layout split 50 - 50 and on first anchor layout a column layout split 50 - 50 (screen shot attached)

    layout : 'anchor',
  12. xtype : fusionportlet does not supported...
  13. Hello, i have a problem with fusion charts, i don't know if its fusion's bug or chartpack's but when charts are loaded first time they are very small and you have to refresh the page again to see...
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    Hi! Greate extension! ;) Thanks a lot! It works fine, my only problem is that when i try to resize a portlet it start resize on mouse hold but on mouse release it doesn't stop the resizing...
  15. Did anyone saw my example of chart not rendering ?
  16. i attach here an example of what i'm trying to say when i say fusionportlet does not render the flash chart. When you will have some time you can check it :)

    Again thanks for this great extension...
  17. hendricd i don't want to nest them now that xtype fusionportlet exists i just wanted to saw you that when i don't nest the portlet into another portlet chart does not render.

    Loggin as...
  18. @gondrong

    var tabs = new Ext.TabPanel({
    //... some additional properties here for tabPanel

    //Set tabs items here
    items: [{
    xtype : 'openchart',
  19. in tabpanel's items pass your charts like that:

    items: [{
    xtype : 'openchart',
    mediaMask : {msg:'Loading Chart Object'},
    loadMask : {msg:'Gathering Chart Data'},
    autoMask : true,
  20. I think it will not work with the free edition of Fusion Charts as it does not support xml data.

    Visual XML Generator Utility: No
  21. hello, i tried the xtype: fusionportlet i didn't get any error but the only thing i got is a blank portlet

    Actually if I write:

    title: 'Column Chart',
  22. thanks for the info, the reason that i insert the fusion charts into new item and not setting xtype to fusionpanel is because I'm using them into a portal component.

    I updated my files with the...
  23. Its ok now, i was getting an error for about 2 - 3 days but now its ok.

    PS: Nice extension
  24. I setup my chart like this:

    title: 'PieChart',
    tools: getTools(),
    layout: 'fit',
    height: 300,
  25. Yes i seen these posts before i post, the problem is that without changing the code everything works with Fusion Charts v2 and OFC but with Fusion Charts v3 print not working, refresh feature works...
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