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  1. I have a similar code and sometimes(yes, sometimes.. sometimes hanging) it works when the first call is made to


    But I also have a button which enables the user to make...
  2. Hi!

    I walked into the problem of my geolocation breaking when the app is added to homescreen.
    I googled around and found some other guys with the same problem.
    One solution seemed to be not to...
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    Thank you very much.
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    Thank you, that seems to do the trick with tabs.

    But now my other button ends upp in the upper right corner. It was expected to show up in upper left.

    my code used is:

    slideButton: {
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    I'm trying to use the segmented buttons to shift views in my container.
    I've tried out the setActiveItem function but i dont quite get it right.

    Here is my code:

    { title:...
  6. That's awesome!

    It seems I've put my xtype on the wrong level of items.
    I followed your example and now it works fine.

    For any one with the same problem I will explain what I made wrong.
  7. I'm trying out wnielson's slidenavigation plugin to sencha touch 2. It can be found here: slidenavigation
    I am used to devide my views in separate files and use them like this:

    items: [{
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