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    I use Extjs 4.2.1 and IE 11 too, but have same problem=(
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    Extjs 4.2.1
    If we have huge locked grid that use editing plugin with scrolling and run it under >IE 9 (i test only 9,10,11),
    if i try edit cell that need horizontal scroll, i click on cell and its...
  3. this is not a bug this is tune... In my application is in the same chart it can be 6 to 36 series, as well as the opportunity to zoom, and if you make a tuning, when you drive on chart mouse lag is...
  4. Hi, this is chart with huge count of point(extreme)
    if you test original method(click Back button) then you can see that is tooltip move slow, other case click Override and then move mouse from left...
  5. Hi, in version 4.2.1 under debbugger i found that, when mouse over several series than for all that series fire event itemmouseover, as result one tips redraw by another, if override this and break...
  6. Sorry, my mistake
    I use Ext-4.2.1 Build 883
  7. Hi,
    I have locked grid with more than 12 columns and use cellediting plugin, when i scroll into right part and try edit some value its scroll out me back to the left part and i can't edit anything...
  8. Any ideas? or workaround?
    very need this features=(
  9. I have found workaround

    by default i create empty store and declare columns as

    columns: [{
    text: '',
    locked: true,
    width: 150,
  10. Thank you!
    Work perfectly=)
  11. How to remove a node?
    There is any workaround?

    store.indexOf= function(record){return record.getId();}
  12. Did you get to the solution for this? i have same problem...
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    I have extended reader for read flat model

    Ext.define('Snui.model.DictItem', { extend: '',
    idProperty: 'Id',
    fields: [
    { name: 'Id', type: 'int'},
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    Does store has any integrated tools, that can hold any version of current data?
    And when its make try to reload from the server send this version in request, and when server reply it can say is this...
  15. Hi, i'm new for extjs!
    My question is how i can convert any storage record in grid element that bind one data index into column and another into row!
    Model of storage is something like ['RowId',...
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