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    Agreeing with sg707. I use tabs jump between items of short term interest. Outside of day to day concerns my work touches on nearly every corner of the Ext API. A "favorites" capability for me would...
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    Add another vote for wanting tabs back. Being able to jump around between multiple class docs without losing scroll state in any one is very useful. Also, the docs themselves now feel too crowded by...
  3. Another post on the same issue:

    Also contains an override to allow the masking to work again.
  4. Not immediately on hand, no. I can get something thrown together and put up somewhere when I have the moment, but all it really would be is an Ext document loaded in the iframe of another document....
  5. It would be especially cool if this could descend into iframes. Perhaps a menu could be placed in the component browser's toolbar for selecting from available window objects in a manner similar to...
  6. Issue occurs with Ext.form.Radio instances in general rather than being specific to radio groups.

    This override does well enough for me as a bandage in lieu of a proper fix:

  7. Simply replacing the problem line is not enough - certain private variables need to be redefined in the override:

    Ext.Element.prototype.mask = function(msg, msgCls) {
    var me = this,
  8. After further testing I found the use of 'checked: true' to actually not itself be involved in the issue. Simply using setValue at all was enough, but in my code it took at least two value...
  9. Also encountering this problem. I've found it in my case to be caused by passing 'checked: true' in the config of one of the radio inputs combined with later checking one of its sibling inputs with...
  10. The problem is that Ext.util.Cookies.set() will set the cookie's path to '/' by default, but Ext.util.Cookies.clear() does not specify any path whatsoever in its own cookie assignment. Unless you are...
  11. See the requestcomplete event of the Ext.Ajax singleton.

    Example use:

    Ext.Ajax.on('requestcomplete', function( oConn, oResp, oOpts ) {
    var oData = Ext.decode(oResp.responseText);

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    Lack of TZ designator in an ISO8601 value specifically assumes the current viewer's local TZ.

    Glad to see proper parsing of ISO8601 UTC values is now being performed. I may be able to remove a...
  13. That override only works when the panel has a single tool.

    This worked better for me:

    Ext.override(Ext.Panel, {
    setIconClass : function(cls){
    var old = this.iconCls;
  14. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Note that the first line needs a correction. Change:

    Ext.override(Ext.layout.AccordionLayout, {

  15. I would definitely like some clarification on this, also. Your remark about a shared library relationship might not hold if the following statement is true:

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    Especially with the refined definition of derivative work added by GPL v3 over v2. Anything designed to work specifically with ExtJS is considered derivative and must be GPLed. This infection...
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    We were already intending to purchase a license once our project reaches initial release for reason alone of expressing monetary appreciation to the developers, so the change of the "free" license...
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    Create a no-reset stylesheet and apply it to your content element:
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    The benefit of truly private members is less about data security and more about implementation security. It allows me to present to another developer an API which constrains access and manipulation...
  20. Thanks for the update, by the way. The failure to honor configured editor height in IE6 is now fixed!
  21. At line 427 in Ext.ux.TinyMCE.js an attempt is made to access an element with a class name of mceStatusbar:

    var sbar = "td.mceStatusbar > div" ).first().first();

    if( sbar ) {
  22. No clue. Posting the extension in a ZIP is probably the best option.

    Ah, yes, you are correct. I renamed that to something else without any loss of functionality.

    I realize it comes...
  23. This is excellent, by the way. I've been wanting a simple, drop-in replacement for the traditional file selector, and this provides.

    Just a couple nitpicks:

    Adding the suffix 'FILE' to the file...
  24. Line 84 has a syntax error: the forward slash in the regexp is not being escaped.

    To fix, change this:

    var filePath = input.dom.value.replace(///g, '\\');

    ... to this:
  25. I will look into it if it becomes a blocking issue. I've dealt with it for now by switching over to the YUI adapter. Others here wanted jQuery for the plugins, but we have not used any yet and...
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