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  1. so far we are facing the exact same behaviour. everything works in the browser, but a white screen only... (at least we are not alone)
  2. ok, thanks anyway. the compile worked with the newest versions of everything.
  3. I somehow found sencha touch 2.1.0-rc2 is there already a beta 3?
    I also found a Sencha cmd both through a forum announcement, but no beta 3?
  4. i get the same error with sencha cmd on linux as well:

    [DEBUG] Processing dependencies for file: Evented.js
    [ERROR] Failed to find file for @foundation
    required by...
  5. Replies
    for me it only worked with:

    extend: 'Ext.util.translatable.ScrollPosition',

    is this correct?
  6. I changed the DOM-replacement to

    return Ext.DomHelper.overwrite(Ext.get(OLDELEMENT),new HTMLSTRING,true);

    my problem again:
    I do highlighting of glossary-terms inside one column. After...
  7. thanks again for reply.
    the element (as for example one column in a 3col-layout) is replaced by our framework with something like:

    oldEl.innerHTML = html;

    The code around it, where also ext is...
  8. thanks for help so far. I didn't try with the delegate approach yet but there is something else going strange.
    if I add new tips after a dom-replacement they won't work.
    Why could it be, that no...
  9. the "element" may be a whole column/content area and is replaced by our framework.

    does it matter to extjs to instantiate a tooltip with same id again? I am checking if there is one and don't add...
  10. Hello

    I am playing with ToolTips for a glossary. Words get highlighted, a div around them is created and there is made a new Tooltip with the div as target. This runs ok. But when a...
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