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  1. Thanks for quick reply Animal.

    Actually i didnt use the modal property for display window.

    My window creation code

    var win = new Ext.Window({
    title : 'Layout Window',
  2. Hi

    I have the problem in displaying the window inside the layout. I am having search tab in the layout. If i search a name, it displays all the name matched. Each name has two links view and edit....
  3. Hi

    My example is about searching a particular name.I am using xtemplate to display my search results.

    For example if i have searched a name say edwin means

    I will give ed in search text box...
  4. Hi

    I am using xtemplate to display fields from xml. And also i include button to display the new window inside my complex layout.

    But it is not displaying the window. I dont know where i went...
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    I have tried this, but still be a problem to create tab. When i click the anchor tag displayed by combo store. It doesnt do anything . Actually my viewport and tab creation is in another html...
  6. Hi

    I am using this code to show window from xtemplate. But it is not displaying.

    See the xtempalate button code marked as bold.

    When i click the button it doesnt showing the window.
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    Thanks for your reply

    Let me try and check it out
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    Thank for your reply

    Creation of tab panel in main html

    viewport = new Ext.Viewport({
    id: 'viewtab',
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    I have created a viewport with 3 regions. North, west, center in one html file.

    In west region i have 2 tree node Add, search

    I i click add node, it will open a add tab in center region....
  10. Hi everybody

    I have created a tabpanel. In that tab panel i have search tab. How can i create a new in my layout while clicking the link in search tab.

    I have created a xtemplete to view the...
  11. Hi

    I am using XMLReader to read xml data. It reading all the string data. How can i read and load image into the combo store.

    Sample XML File.

  12. Hi

    How can i load form fields into xml file.

    For example,

    In my form has two fields like First name and last name.

    I want to store these field values into my static xml file
  13. Hi

    I am having two fields. For example Firstname and lastname.

    It saving data to the database. But not loading back to form.

    Can any give simple example for this? How can i do it?

  14. Hi

    I have a browse button. I want to display the image browsed using the browse button.

    How can i do it?

    Any help?

  15. Hi
    Can any one help Me!!!!!!!
    Am using JSON Reader to read the data. My myspl returns the data

    like this

    {"total":"2","Root" :[{"username":"Arun"},{"username":"Sara"}]} while running...
  16. Hi

    I have created text box using that i listing the xml data. But i want to list the character matched elements in the xml file. I am using xml rader to read xml data.

    For example if i type S...
  17. Hi

    I need some help from u. Since u r familiar with live search with xml.

    I want to display the names while typing the alphabets. How can i do it for that?

    Here my xml

    <records total="2">...
  18. Hi

    I dont know how to filter out xml data.

    I want to display the xml data while entering input in input box. I am using xml reader to read the xm data. Actually it display all the xml data.
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    I have created a xml file. Using that file i want to search the items. Actully it displayy all the item in the file. When i search a given text it displays all items not exact items. How can i...
  20. Thanks for Reply

    Now i modified the code but now it not listing the specified data from the xml file.

    For example, if i want to display whose name starts which jack. It not displaying the...
  21. Hi

    I have created a combo box like forum search (combo box) using xml reader.

    while i search a given text it displays all data from the file. Actually i want only specified character data in...
  22. Yes but i want to display only the searched items lik forum-search.

  23. hi

    Actually i want to display the data as like

    I dont know where i went wrong.

    my html file

    <input type="text" size="40"...
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    I couldnt make with that.

    Can you help me with some sample code. Please!

    Read xml file and diplay as like forum - search example

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    How do get the data from xml file.Actually i want to get the data from xml and display like forum-search example.

    I am having xml file like this.

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