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    Hi szimek,
    many thanks for the example source code ... it really helped me to localize my app to French ! There is a syntax error in line 74 in your code :

    Ext.defined("Ext.picker.Date", {...
  2. Hi Bob,
    hopefully it would be nice to hear a full compatibility of sencha touch with the new amazing IE10 on Win 8 ... even on the embedded version of the OS ...
    See you ...
  3. Same issue on the last Desktop Chrome (24.0.1312.14) ... on CalendarPicker and on non calendar Picker if it may help to fix the bug. the last item is never selectable and the picker goes...
  4. Hi badgerb1,
    many thanks about your source code. It is running well on my Win8 Panel PC ...

    Please Sencha, do not forget Win 8 platforms in the next release ...

    Best regards
  5. Many thanks for this fix. Is it possible that you show a code sample of this fix because I am quite a newbie with Sencha Touch and I do not really understand what is to be done ?
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    I reply to my own post ... finally found a solution :

    var store = this.myPicker.getSlots()[0].store,
    proxy = store.getProxy();
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    this is my first post in this forum ...

    I implemented a picker with a JSON proxy store and I would like to get a reference to the proxy object used by the picker's store. My intent is to set...
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