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  1. toolbar.remove(button, true) ?
  2. Thanks for reporting, bug is fixed. I am going to add icon change support too.
  3. Fixed. Thanks for reporting.
  4. Fixed. Thanks for reporting.
  5. Hi Sachin,
    The locales packs are community contributions, I have inspected the chinese locale pack and it seems that several Ext.Date overrides are missing. We are currently trying to clean all...
  6. Fixed, thanks! Will be in the next version of Touch. :D
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    Not yet tested with 3.3.0. Try and tell us ;)
  8. Thanks,
    Unit test runner is a must have for sure.
    I could add to your comments: if a method is too hard to test, maybe it's because it handle too much operations.
    An interesting article, about...
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    I think there should be a difference of level in this diagram between server side and client side js programmers...
  10. If you make a zip package for ext 3.1, i will put it on github and i will add you as contributor (i need your name).
  11. Clearly, except that 3.2 tests included in extjs package may not work, i think if you decompress the 3.1 package directly in place of 3.2 it will work (you have only to remove extjs 3.2 unit tests...
  12. Oops, there is a bug if you try to run 2 times the test session. I will fix it on Friday, if I have time. I think there is a bug in the runner (I will write the Unit Test Ext.test.runner too in order...
  13. Version 1.3 Available see GitHub Commit
    Writing of Ext.test.Session, Ext.test.TestCase, Ext.test.TestSuite done!!! Ext.test Unit Tests
    A lots of code optimisations and fixes thanks to Unit Testing...
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    I think i have found a small bug on selection after a an History back.

    * Go to:{%22historyTree%22:{%225%22:{%22sel%22:%220%22}}} (Group F: Italy)

    * Click...
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    Rule 6: DO UNIT TESTING!!!!
  16. Version 1.1.1 available see Github Commit
    Thanks Greg and Niko.
    I have started writing Unit Test of Ext.test.TestCase and Ext.test.TestSuite, there is no comments at this time but I hope the code...
  17. THANK YOU !!!!
  18. Thanks,
    I will correct this tomorrow. I will start unit test of all Ext.test classes too, in order to write a complete a tutorial and to improve current code quality. But i'am not really fluent in...
  19. Big code update today see for details.
    Demos and Api Documentation are now available ! (see first post)
  20. Very interesting!!!! The Ext development use Yui Test v3.2.1 for their testing harness, because ObjectAssert.areEqual and ObjectAssert.hasKeys are implemented in YUI 3 and not in YUI 2.6 !!!! That's...
  21. Since the version 1.0 (30 minutes ago), I have created Ext.test.Runner, Ext.test.Session, Ext.test.Viewer and Ext.test.Logger class (the full API Documentation will be available online soon).
  22. The support of YUI Test 3.X is maybe possible at this time.
    Try to replace source file in index.html, with yui 3.X

    <script type="text/javascript"...
  23. Well, after github account i have created a twitter account too ;)
  24. Code update: version 0.9f
    * String.js added.
    * Nested TestSuite support added see wiki and examples.
  25. Well spotted for String.js, it will be fixed today :)
    Then for 'Ext.util' parent node, there is no errors (read JSON.js).
    Unit test provided with extjs 3.2.1 are not yet finished, they could...
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